On a field, on the lower Rhine, the treasure hunters found more than 1200 coins from the late Roman period. The Fund gives the archaeologists puzzle. The copper-small of the money comes from 4. and 5. Century, such as the landscape Association announced on Friday. The honest Finder had discovered the coins with metal detectors on a ploughed field in Mönchengladbach. Meanwhile, over 1200 antique salvaged pieces of money.

As the small was hiding money at that time, it had the information in accordance with a value of seven days wages of a worker. That was the end of the Roman period, as there were already many settlements of the Franks.

archaeologists of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland presented in Mönchengladbach discovered coin treasure now. Two honest Finder had found the first coins with detectors on a ploughed field.

Dramatic events at the end of the Roman Empire

Why the money has not been picked up again, is one of the questions the scientists. After researching the Romans so far, especially on the Rhine was, steering the Fund to the focus on the Hinterland, informed the Rhenish office for the preservation and care of.

"You may guess at the end of Roman rule here in the Rhineland, dramatic events, when someone is hiding his money and it said not to pick them up again", North Rhine-Westphalia, home Minister Ina pawing Bach (CDU).

she praised the behavior of the two honest Finder: The men were not only officially licensed treasure hunter. "they also had the farmer asked before the search action on the arable after permission." Fund &quot would have discovered new Knowledge about our homeland".

research was done After the Romans so far, especially on the Rhine, directs the Fund, the focus on the Roman Hinterland. Now FOCUS Online to subscribe to Google News!

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