relations between The United States and Russia are tense, but in space the cooperation between the two countries still is not working well. American and Russian astronauts inhabit the international space station, ISS, Nasa uses Russian transporters to transport your astronauts into space.

As a sign to get this co-operation, had invited Nasa chief Jim bride Stine and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Rogozin in February on a working visit in the United States. But now he has pulled this offer in response to political pressure.

“We have heard from several senators that this is not a good idea,” said the bride Stine of the “Washington Post” with a view to the first scheduled visit. Politicians especially the Democrats, had criticized the invitation to Rogozin sharply.

sanctions against Rogozin

The democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Nasa’s invitation to Rogozin said on Wednesday, a visit to the Johnson space center in Houston, throw a bad light on the United States and claims the “priority of security interests” of the United States.

Rogozin is considered to be an ardent Nationalist, for his anti-Western rhetoric known. In connection with the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. government in 2014, had imposed a travel ban and an account suspension against Rogozin. At that time, he served as Deputy Prime Minister. In may 2018, the head of state, Vladimir Putin appointed him head of the space Agency Roskosmos.

Nasa-chief Jim bride Stine had visited Russia last October for a visit. It is his first foreign trip since he took up the Post in April. The Russian news Agency Tass, he said at the time that Nasa had achieved a temporary suspension of the counter-Rogozin sanctions imposed, in order to allow him to make a return visit. Bride Stine stressed that he had discussed neither the invitation nor the projection for Rogozin with the White house.


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