Somalia’s government has asked the UN special representative Nicholas Haysom for the exit. The South African Diplomat was declared “persona non grata” because he had “violated the sovereignty of the country”. His services were not needed in Somalia, “longer”, informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs via Twitter.

Haysom, had taken place in September. He had previously been a UN envoy in South Sudan. Haysom had commented on the weekend, concerned about a use of Somali security forces in mid-December, according to the UN at least 15 people were killed and 300 people were arrested.

Somali security forces had beaten protests in the town of Baidoa in the southwest of the country brutally. Had triggered the demonstrations, the arrest of former Islamists leader Muktar Robow, who was a candidate for the office of the regional President.

the detained election candidate and Ex-Islamist, and Muktar Robow

Robow, who had seceded in 2017, the Islamist terrorist militia al-Shabab, was regarded as the most promising candidate. He was arrested a few days before the ballot and in the capital, Mogadishu, because he is threatening the “stability” of Somalia.

More than two decades of civil war

Haysom had requested on Sunday, in writing, to the Somali government, on what legal basis Robow detained and an investigation of the deaths in the protests demanded. In addition, Haysom wanted to know whether UN-funded police were involved, took units to the.

The UN assistance mission in Somalia (Unsom) will help the Somali police force and takes over for you, among other things, salary payments and equipment. Zeil, the Mission is to be the internationally recognised government work.

Somalia was lost after the fall of the dictator Siad Barre in 1991, in the civil war. The Schabab-militia controlled over the years large parts of the country in the Horn of Africa, and perpetrated still regular attacks on the UN Mission and the troops of the African Union (Amisom) which is fighting the Islamists. Most of the immediate neighbouring countries are involved Äthiopienund Kenya.

In the fight against the al-Qaeda allied Islamists, the USA help. You put since the inauguration of President Donald Trump increasingly on drone attacks. Most recently, the unmanned combat aircraft struck at the end of December, and killed, according to U.S. figures, more than 60 enemy fighters. The number of attacks increased last year, according to the U.S. Department of defense on more than three dozen.


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