A herbaceous flower that only lives a year – that is the Symbol of the new party of André Poggenburg. The Ex-AfD-country party leader and former parliamentary leader in Saxony-Anhalt has recently left the AfD. The blue cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, is a provocation: it was the Symbol of the Austrian national socialists, as these were banned in 1933.

For Poggenburg this is not unusual. Through regular Affronts to the Public’s attention to him, certainly, his last wish “of the citizens of our national community a healthy, peaceful and Patriotic 2019”.

For the AfD but Poggenburgs outlet a luck. Until Monday, the right-wing populists to sit together on the Europe Congress. There are many offers on his exit: “It is good that he is gone,” said AfD party leader Alexander Gauland. Poggenburg got rather annoyed. You don’t see any competition for their own party. The AfD of the new party, you can look forward to even more relaxed – you will not be important.

Poggenburg is the AfD uncomfortable

The name validly published looks different, of course. “The departure of the German patriots – Central Germany” has he called the party with the cornflower. You would get the success, writes the name validly published on Facebook.

That will probably not be the case, is instrumental in Poggenburg, He has left the AfD, because he no longer feels supported by her. Not too long ago, Poggenburg was regarded as a Confidant of the Thuringian countryside, the heads of Björn Höcke, and a prominent representative of the so-called “wing” on the right side of the AfD. Although the name validly published trying to explain, he is content, but it is quite obvious that it’s a lot about personal injuries and dislocations. For voters, this is very rarely a reason to change the party.

A Chance of success of a party such as the “riser” is actually only Höcke itself. The don’t want to leave the AfD appears to be – probably because it is unlikely to achieve without the moderate wing similar choice.

The AfD uses a number of Poggenburg. You can now specify that she wanted to get rid of the radical forces. This is nonsense, you have to run only once more the statements of the leaders of the AfD. It Gauland, spoke of the Hitler dictatorship as a “bird-shit of the story,” Alice ryegrass swore was up in a Bundestag speech allegedly “alimentierte knife men”, and also the wing to Höcke remains of the party.

how do the voters of the “new beginnings”?

in Spite of the failures of the top staff is the fact that Many of the AfD-voters are not neo-Nazis. You are unhappy with the refugee policy of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and perhaps also with the social policy. But they are not neo-Nazis. This is another reason for apparent lack of success of “new beginnings”.

Would not be the potential for a neo-Nazi party in Germany is really so high, was because the NPD so miserably, as it does currently. It is fragmented, to the right of her are two more small parties, “The third way” and “right now”.

Where, then, should come from the voters of “awakening”? To the right of the AfD, but not in the NPD? In spite of the incompatibility clause of the AfD and the NPD, there are between the two parties, the content and rhetorical Overlap. There’s not much space for a new party.

the three state Parliament elections in Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saxony to begin and the name validly published. Hard to imagine that the “awakening” in Thuringia for the Höcke-AfD could become a danger. Andreas Kalbitz, the country head of the Brandenburg AfD, is also part of the wing, ten years ago, he attended a Pentecostal camp, the now-banned right-wing “homeland-faithful German youth”.

Really, only the Saxon AfD needs to worry. Here is the “break-in”, with its Connections to Pegida could achieve a success. The AfD would get a couple of percentage points less, could the Saxon CDU.

LKR, the blue party and the break-in

In the long term, but it is highly unlikely that the “awakening” will play in the public perception. Two prominent Ex-AfDler of the party, party founder Bernd Lucke and Ex-party leader Frauke Petry turned away:. Hatch had to go, because the right-wing forces in the party were stronger Petry, because they were stronger.

the two men founded new parties. The “Liberal-Conservative reformers” of the hatch have around 1000 members, the “blue party” from Petry had members in Saxony last August, just 87, your citizen movement “, The blue turning to” something over 500, she said the “Sächsische Zeitung”.

The AfD could both damage. It is likely that it will be the right fork of Poggenburg. The AfD itself is right enough.

the name validly published will continue to call “Germany for the Germans”, and with statements like “growths on the German people’s body” in the reporting pages of the Newspapers heave. Success you will not be able to call it.

by the Way: According to the name validly published he had not chosen the Symbol of the cornflower, because Austrian national socialists used, but because it is a sign of home and closeness to nature, to Patriotism and the struggle for freedom.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.