The Federal government continues to promote the sale of German tanks in countries of the Middle East. To the security Council, the arms group Rheinmetall, one of his latest tank-to advertising models to present the purposes on a military show for national day in Qatar in mid-December 2018 permitted by the Federal government.

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For the screening of the recently-developed APC “Lynx KF41” received the armor group, officially a temporary export permit. The vehicle can ensure, according to Rheinmetall by fire strength and armor at any time, the “Superiority on the battle field”.

In Qatar, then, the infantry, on 18 and rolled in. December at the Grand Parade for the National Day with a Logo of the Qatar boasted of the military police. With the mile-long Elevator Qatar presented itself as a strong military power in the Gulf. For decades, Qatar, a buy of sheikhs around the world cutting-edge military technology.

according to insiders, Rheinmetall is on the horizon currently, the sale of a whole range of ultra-modern tanks to Qatar. Appearances at such parades are from the point of view of the Manager, a welcome advertising because of the high modern “Lynx”-tanks can be presented in front of the political leadership of the Gulf state as well as many foreign guests of honour.

The Green MP Katja Keul accuses the government because of the export permit double standards. The promise of “a restrictive export policy, and at the same time advertising to allow screenings of German arms, is an unexplainable contradiction,” said Keul of the MIRROR.

the weapon shops of German companies with States in the Gulf region, are highly controversial. The last great Export of Leopard tanks to Qatar, the German Federal government approved in 2013. The delivery of an intense debate ensued.

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