After a hacker attack, the personal information of nearly a thousand South Korean refugees, North Koreans have reached out to the Public. The Hacker would have had access to the database of a refugee authority, informed the Ministry of unification of South Korea. A Computer of the so-called Hana-Agency had been infected in the past week, with a malicious software. Names, dates of birth and addresses had been out of 997 Defectors stolen.

Whether or not North Korea could be behind the attack, commented a representative of the Ministry against the newspaper “the Guardian”. He also said nothing about possible motives, and there was only a police investigation had been initiated.

The Software is accessed through E-Mails in the System of the computer, he said. They had been sent an internal E-Mail address of the Agency Hana. Hana is one of 25 agencies under the Ministry. This should help the Refugees from the North to get to Jobs, medical and legal support. The 32,000 North Koreans are currently in South Korea.

threats in the cyber space

North Korea were in the past, cyber-attacks on South Korean institutions and companies are accused of. The country is now regarded as one of the greatest threats in the cyber space. State media in Pyongyang have denied these attacks to date on a regular basis.

The attack comes at a time of rapprochement: According to the severe stresses in the past year due to a number of nuclear and missile tests have begun in North and South Korea, just among other things, the security personnel at the borders.


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