In the case of knife attacks on three women in Nuremberg, the police has announced further Details about the arrest of the alleged perpetrator. The prisoners at the end of man was 38 years of age, a native of Thuringia, and of no fixed abode, it was said at a press conference of the investigator.

On Saturday, police announced the arrest of the suspects. The man is said to have stabbed on Thursday evening within a few hours on three women in Nuremberg and on the upper body badly injured. The crime scenes were only a few hundred meters away from each other. The police used the 40-member special Commission “locust”.

The Suspect has a criminal record according to investigators in many cases. He had resided in recent years at numerous places in the Federal Republic, said the Senior detective Aldi rector Thilo Bachmann, especially in Eastern Germany. His last registered address was in Berlin, but is no longer valid.

access: to 9.49 clock

the man stopped and, therefore, it is only since about a week in Nuremberg, Germany. “He has according to present knowledge, no solid anchor points in Nuremberg,” said Bachmann.

Yet he was in the Franconian city only in 2005 and in 2009 entered short in appearance, said chief Prosecutor Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke: once he had been there convicted, and another Time the police stepped in appearance. “At the Moment, is not known to us, when he came to Nuremberg and how he came to Nuremberg,” said chief of police Roman Fertinger.

the arrest, according to Fertinger on Friday morning at 9.49 PM. Officials had him controlled in the vicinity of the crime scenes, since the description of the Offender, the victim would have applied to him. He had a knife with a 25 centimetre blade, for which he had no explanation.

police President Roman Fertinger

In the arrest of the man came in accordingly, first of all, because of theft in the city centre, which is why he had been shown two hours before the first knife attack the previous day. He should have tried to steal in a Shop, a cheese knife to the value of € 4.88. He had another knife, said police President Fertinger, but not the murder weapon.

The arrest of the man was given deliberately to be known only on Saturday evening, said Fertinger. You have to be sure to have the Right caught. The result was in the course of the day, a DNA comparison, according to a knife when the Suspect found blood consistent with the blood of the victims. The thing from the police point of view was not clear, so Fertinger: “For us, it is the offender”. He seats on suspicion in detention, to have three murder attempts committed.

“he Is for more actions?”

The life story of the man appears to be characterised by discontinuity and crime. The 38-Year-old was already in as a minor on several occasions in conflict with the law, said Prosecutor Gabriel-Gorsolke; since the year 2000, the convictions piled up, therefore, according to adult criminal law.

Overall, the record has, therefore, 18 entries, of Gabriel-Gorsolke spoke of “a walk through the landscape of the criminal code”: Robbery, fraud, defamation, narcotics offences, band, moderate theft, and arson. In 2002, he had been convicted of rape a year in juvenile detention.

The last sentence was followed, accordingly, in 2015, the recent conviction he received in March of this year. In previous years, the Suspects have confessed, moreover, under the leadership of supervision, these have. The Suspect is silent so far. Fertinger to the question of possible further Victims now arises: “Is this man for other acts of a similar kind nationwide to be responsible?”

the scene of the crime in the Nuremberg district of St. Johannis

Two of 26 and 34 years old women floated, according to the acts at times in danger of their lives. And the third victim, a 56-year-old pedestrian, had to have emergency surgery. The sudden attacks met, according to the chief of police novel Fertinger,”people who were on the way home”.

according to investigators, a total of about 300 officers since Thursday. The Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Hermann showed facilitates the determination of success. “How horrified we were,” said the CSU politician, “so relieved I am now about the rapid search success”.


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