MIRROR ONLINE: In the new year’s eve has attacked a man with his car and several pedestrians and injured. At the time of his arrest, the 50-Year-old racially-expressed, the police and the Prosecutor’s office spoke of a “targeted attack”. How do you see the fact in Bottrop and Essen?

Specifically: Apparently, this fact is a prejudice or a hate crime. Because the alleged perpetrator had it out with his car, targeted to a specific status group: People of Color, not white people, which he considered “foreigners”. The message was clear.


Specifically: In his examination, said the culprit that many foreigners are a Problem for Germany, which he wanted to solve. Thus, it is a racist act that has a political Dimension. In addition, the attack spread to the fact fear and terror in Parts of the population.

MIRROR ONLINE: A terrorist act?

Specifically: Yes, due to these factors, we can speak of terrorism. This type of attack is in the law, terrorism is not unusual. Also, the assassin from Charlottesville, drove his car into a crowd of people. In London a man went in the same year, a group of creditors Muslims.

To the Person Foundation for development and peace Matthias Quent , Born 1986, is a political sociologist with the focal points of Radicalisation, right-wing extremism and democracy research. Since 2016, he is the Director of the Institute for democracy and civil society in Jena. The research facility against right-wing extremism is being promoted for 2016 by the free state of Thuringia.

MIRROR ONLINE: and vehicles in Munster a man last year in a crowd of people, was on a rampage journey.

Specifically: Yes, there are instructions on the selection of a specific group of victims are missing, the amok, a society did receive a political Dimension. Amok and terrorist are not mutually exclusive: A terrorist attack can meet aspects of a killing spree, and Vice versa. The term Amok is not in the current case, clearly too short. It is from a scientific point of view, also a matter of perspective.


Specifically: When Amok is the individual perspective of the perpetrator in focus: What moves the offender to act so? In addition, the perpetrator chooses his victim not along racist criteria. The act of terrorism brings the political perspective in the foreground and has a different effect: The fact is, at the same time a message of discrimination and marginalization. This affected the relationship of population groups to each other. To aim racist explained to people the fear is spreading.

MIRROR ONLINE: what is the difference between here, Islamist and extreme-right terrorist?

Specifically: , especially in how they perceive themselves in society. The Islamists act in the minority and see themselves as a minority, which attacks a large majority, allegedly in the name of Allah. The extreme right feel, however, as a majority, as the executor of the alleged will of the people. Terrorist cells such as the “national socialist underground” to practice a so-called vigilant of terrorism. With your deeds you grab from your point of view is not primarily the political order, but want to stabilize the social Superiority of the White. In fact, any attack on members of ethnic or religious minorities is also an attack on the constitutional values of the Federal Republic of Germany.

More on the topic of Auto-attack in the Ruhr area, the scene of the crime Bottrop, the scene of the crime to eat

MIRROR ONLINE: The 50-Year-old from eating to suffer from a schizophrenic disorder. What is the role of mental illness in such an act?

Specifically: is Both healthy as well as mentally ill people can commit these acts. In the case of some offenders, individual pathologies, and political ideologies come together, such as, for example, in the case of Anders Behring Breivik. Also in the case of Islamist perpetrators, it is sometimes so that you have a significant psychological suffering history. This is often addressed only as strong. But from the point of view of terrorism research, there is no terrorist, disease, or personality. Rather, at least three dimensions must be taken into account to be able to such acts of terrorism to understand.


Specifically: firstly, there is the individual Situation of the offender: What values were conveyed to him? I say offender because there really are mostly men. Strong images of Masculinity play a role in this. How is he positioned socially? How is he – here may also be a psychological burden of meaning. Secondly, the social environment plays a role: Which ideologies are conveyed? What he reads on the Internet? Where to exchange it? As a third point, the societal level comes to: What groups will be discussed as a threat and alleged legitimate scapegoats?

MIRROR ONLINE: there Are people who are more likely to be offenders than others?

Specifically: Unfortunately, it is complicated. There are different offender types, but also cases that do not fit in any drawer. It is often people who feel excluded from society, or is it lens also. Since most assassins are men, added to this is also the aspect of misguided male protectionism. The men see themselves as fighters, in a form, you would have to protect others by their own violence. This self-image is social. In Bottrop, it is similar: The man attacked his car, the group of people he looked at as a Problem and is also described in Parts of the Public as the “mother of all problems”.

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