1. April start crucial weeks for Euro wings. Then the summer starts flight schedule the stress test for the Low-Cost offshoot of Lufthansa. In the main travel time, the number of passengers and flights is increasing rapidly. And then it will appear whether Eurowings has its problems really are in the handle, after the Chaos in the summer of 2018.

Approximately 18,000 flights of the Lufthansa group fell to August; a considerable part of the Euro wings. Massive delays everyday. And if annoyed passengers complained, got them back is often a Standard email: “We ask for your understanding that the current processing time can be four weeks.” Because the account managers were just as overloaded as pilots, cabin crew, fleet or Management.

The Takeover of large parts of the previous bankrupt, Air Berlin was too much for Eurowings. Too ambitious “here and there” you have been admitted eurowings CEO Thorsten Dirks. His superior, the Lufthansa Boss Carsten Spohr said: “It is worse than I thought.” Also, because of the problems in the case of Eurowings in the Lufthansa share in 2018, has lost about a third of their value.

2019 is going to be better. “What happened to us this summer, may not happen to us again next year,” says Dirks. He has devised a six-point plan. Among other things, more flight-ready spare machines are at the ready. In addition, the use of more timed plans for each of the Jets so closely. And the downtime on the ground to be generous in a calculated way.

The industry is reaching the limits

So to create the eurowings-responsible for larger buffers and thereby prevent a small plan and escalate deviations to massive delays. Dirk’s a new Lufthansa Executive Board: Detlef Keyser, future chief of the Department “Airlines resources and Operation Standards should be”. He should take care of, among other things, to the fleets and the customer service of the group’s Airlines.

Whether that’s enough? Uncertain. Not only in the case of the Euro wings a breakdown last summer were commonplace. According to the air travel Association IATA be in 2018 and have doubled the number of delays in European air transport. The European air traffic control warns that by 2040, will increase the number of up to two hours of delayed flights seven times.

more and more people want to fly. And the industry is reaching its limits: in the case of qualified personnel and infrastructure. Important airports such as London Heathrow are notoriously overloaded.

Lufthansa-Chef Spohr work hard to put the brakes on the number of flight movements in Germany. “There must be, in the future, no uncontrolled growth more,” he urges. According to “business week” wrote on his group’s lobbyists letters to the Federal Ministry of transport with the request to “temporarily” at the big airports, the number of take-offs and landings. The main profiteer of the place deer, Lufthansa would be.

Potential planning chaos after the Brexit

turbulence, on British Airports is also at a standstill, could threaten the end of March: the day of the Brexit. “Without a Deal, we urgently need a contingency plan,” warns Raphael Schwartzman, Deputy European Director of the Association of IATA, “but even that is barely sufficient to avoid short-term disturbances.”

so Far, the EU-wide “Open Skies Agreement may be” the Airlines, within the Union, arbitrarily, and know, taking the plane, if you have the appropriate Start and land rights. For the Brexit the UK would have to negotiate a new Open Skies agreement with the EU – or in the old.

Otherwise, British Airlines could lose their right Connections between two EU-countries. In addition, the single European aviation market (comparable with the EU will be broken up by the Brexit-the internal market). Not be ruled out that machines have to stay on the ground.

Ryanair has anchored a Brexit-clause in its General terms and conditions. It allows the Irish low-cost airline to cancel flights because of regulatory difficulties, without that the passengers of Ryanair can be held responsible.

It will probably be in 2019 again chaotic, in the skies over Europe.

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