The months-long dispute over Sami A. could be settled: The city of Bochum does not have to get back in the summer of wrongly repatriated Tunisian Islamists to Germany. The decision of the administrative court of Gelsenkirchen. However, the attacker can insert, however, complaint.

The 42-year-old Sami A. was on 13. July to Tunisia have been deported, even though the judge had said the day before due to torture risk. However, as this decision to the competent authorities was delivered, sat the Salafist and suspected bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden, already on the plane to Tunis. The court rebuked the conduct of the authorities, and ordered the immediate return of Sami.

deportation ban. in November

In the autumn repealed, there was an assurance of the Tunisian state that Sami threaten A. there is no torture and inhumane treatment The court overturned subsequently, on 21. November the until then still valid deportation ban.

The fact that Sami was A. now in Tunisia, meant, consequently, no ongoing unlawful state, argued the Gelsenkirchen now. Therefore, they took up the duty of the city of Bochum, Sami A. back.

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