Author DPA/ AP Kristen Roupenian , Born 1982, studied African literature at Harvard, and worked as a freelance journalist. By the end of 2017, she published in the “New Yorker” short story “Cat Person”, the Text was shared on the net millions of times. Roupenian is told in the story of how the student Margot becomes acquainted with a man. The first date leads to Sex, although the protagonist has at the time no more desire on it. #MeToo, role models, and digital Dating behavior – and now her first collection is published with short stories in Germany under the name “Cat Person” by the publishing house distanz.

Ellie was a Sin. They bite the children in the Kindergarten, bite your cousin, bite your mom. When she was four years old, she had to twice a week to a specialist to work on your Beißwut””. The doctor, Ellie played with two dolls, the bite each other, bite, and then the dolls were talking about how it felt to be bitten. (“Ouch,” said the one. “I’m sorry,” said the other. “It makes me sad when you bite me,” said the one. “It makes me happy,” said the other. “But … I’m really sorry.”)

Ellie put together a list of things you could do to bite rather than, for example, raise your Hand and ask for help or take a deep breath and count to ten. The parents hung, as the doctor had suggested, a piece of paper to Ellie’s children’s room door, and Ellie’s mother pasted for every day that Ellie will anyone bite, a gold star on it.

But Ellie loved to bite, even more than gold stars, and they went on from there, happy and wild, until one day, the pretty Katie Davis to the Kindergarten in front of her father to Ellie pointed and loudly whispered, “it’s Ellie. No one likes you. You bite “, and Ellie felt a shame so miserable, that more than twenty years, no one more bite.

As adults, they hung out, although she had left her active Beißzeit long ago, to daydreaming, in which they pursued their colleagues in the office and took a bite. She introduced herself, for example, how they snuck into the copy room, where Thomas Widdicomb, not just reports together, so engrossed in his task that he noticed Ellie on all fours came in. Ellie, what the hell , would Thomas Widdicomb call before you the teeth in his powerful, hairy calf grub.

for A time, was succeeded in the world, Ellie, out of shame from the Biting to stop, but they forgot about what fun it was behind Robbie Kettrick sneaking around, while he piled on the craft table, self-satisfied blocks. Everything is as always, quiet and boring, and then Ellie, and SNAP-on comes! Robbie howls Kettrick like a Baby, and run all messed up, and scream, and Ellie is at once not a little girl anymore, but a wild animal that runs in the premises of the kindergarten and the Chaos and devastation.

The difference between children and adults is that adults are able to foresee the consequences of their actions. And as the term “adult” Ellie, if you wanted to continue to pay their rent and their health insurance kept, she was not allowed to bite other people at work. Therefore, it was not for you a long time seriously of the question to bite your colleagues, to the office Manager, died in front of everyone at lunch, of a heart attack and the temporary employment company Corey sent All as a substitute.

Ironically, Corey! Soon, Ellie’s colleagues asked each other: What on earth has thought of a temporary work company, of all things, give him the Job? With his green eyes, blond hair and rosy cheeks Corey fit All in an office environment, such as a Faun or Satyr, he belonged rather to a Sunny field full of naked, exuberant nymphs made love and drank wine.

noticed How Michelle from accounting, who taught Corey All the impression, as if he could choose, every second of the Job as office Manager to throw in, to live henceforth on a tree. Ellie, who was in the office more of an outsider, often noticed, like your colleagues about Corey All the whispering; probably it was in these conversations about how much they wanted to sleep with him. Corey was handsome, and eccentric. Ellie was not going to sleep with him. She wanted to bite him, firm bite.

she realized, as she watched him on the Monday before the morning meeting, as he draped glazed Donuts on a plate. When he was finished, he turned, and when he noticed that she was staring at him, and winked at her. “Oh, Ellie, you look hungry,” he said with a salacious Grin. Ellie had not checked Corey Allen, as he seemed to suspect it; and she had wasted not a single thought of the Donuts.

But suddenly she caught herself at the thought of what it would be like to bury your teeth in Corey Allen’s neck. He would aufjaulen and sinking to his knees, and that smug expression had suddenly gone from his face. He would do the half-hearted attempt to beat you, and scream: “Oh, no, Ellie! Please! Stop it! What’s gotten into you?” But Ellie would not give an answer, because her mouth was full with pieces of Corey Allen’s sweet and Wild-tasting meat. It didn’t have to be necessarily of the neck. Which part of your body that you didn’t care. She could bite him in the Hand or face. Or in the elbow. Or in the butt. Each batch would taste different, different in the mouth feel, would have a different ratio of bone, fat, and skin; every part of the body would in its own way delicious.

“Cat Person”-author Kristen Roupenian Matthew Mahon/ THE MIRROR the story of The bad Sex

Maybe I’ll bite Corey All really , thought Ellie after the Meeting. Ellie was responsible for corporate communications, which meant that she spent ninety percent of their time in order to compose E-Mails, eh no las. You had account in a savings and a life insurance policy, but no permanent friend, no goals, no close friends. Her whole life, she thought sometimes, was based on the idea that it is less important, to pleasure, to avoid pain. Maybe the Problem was the grown up that you are balancing the consequences of their own actions conscientiously, and at the end of a life came out of it that you despised. What if you should bite Corey really? What then?

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