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The trade of the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry, with the UK collapsed in the past few months. In 2018, the volume of trade declined with the United Kingdom by almost ten per cent to 16 billion euros, according to initial estimates by the industry Association VCI. 2017 chemistry were exchanged products and drugs to the value of 17.7 billion euros between Germany and the United Kingdom. Both exports and imports declined significantly.

the UK is one of the largest buyers of German drugs. With the decline in the past year, the country slipped down to second place, eight of the most important trading partners of the local chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In 2017, the UK was at number seven.

The slump in the trade together, hanging heavily with drugs, said the German Chemical industry Association (VCI) in Frankfurt on Wednesday. May German pharmaceutical would have imported less drugs from the island and instead to the prevention of risks in front of a Brexit contracts with other suppliers in Europe as a substitute for British products to be completed. In the case of the pharmaceutical exports to the UK, in turn, have continued to decline since 2016.

The VCI had repeatedly warned of the consequences of a disorderly Brexit and Worry about that as one of the reasons why the Industry has recently lost momentum. Now for a Brexit, without agreement with the EU threatens but at the end of March: On Tuesday night the British Parliament voted against the Deal, Prime Minister Theresa May. You must ask on Wednesday a vote of no confidence.


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