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The ongoing impasse over the terms of the British withdrawal from the EU, consumers and the economy unsettled in the UK. In a survey conducted by the survey Institute YouGov, the consumer climate has fallen on the island again. With a 104.3 points, it was in January to the lowest level since may 2013. A value above 100 means, according to YouGov that consumers look on average more likely to be positive in the future. The downward trend is, however, significantly: Within four months, the deterioration in the business climate of 3.8 points.

Also under pressure, a second indicator of YouGov is that The business expectations for the coming year fell by 2.7 points and now stands at EUR 112.9 points. This is the lowest level since YouGov in 2011, with the records has begun. The companies questioned for its survey of more than 6000 people per month.

Ryanair boss attacks Brexiteers

Shortly before the crucial vote in the lower house, partly damning reviews of the course of the government in London came from the economy. The head of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair about keeping the Brexit for the “dumbest idea for a hundred years”. He was sure, however, that it “will not be a hard Brexit,” said Michael O’leary.

For the best solution to the Ryanair-Chef holds a transitional phase in the relationship between Britain and the EU, in the “London again changed your mind, but in the EU remains”. There should be a second Referendum, would O’leary and tap a different result than the vote in 2016, because in his view, then more younger people would join. “But it would also lead to more political problems in the UK.”

Brexit advocates in London

Great concern in Ireland

In the EU member Ireland to grow, however, fears of massive damage to Growth. Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe warns of a “significant downturn” in the case of a disordered Brexits. The economic growth in Ireland will be significantly lower than previously with a plus of 3.6 percent forecast. In the case of a No-Deal-Brexit, the growth will tend to be below one percent.

Previously, had turned the top representatives of British retail and restaurant chains with a dramatic letter to all UK MEPs – and before the problems with the food supply warned. While there are emergency plans, but the companies are expecting “significant risks for the maintenance of choices, quality and durability” of the food supply.

in The course of a hard Brexits higher costs, currency fluctuations and tariffs would have the effect that consumers “inevitable pressure on food prices” would have to cease.


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