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For the UK, read a lot on the game. The Brexit negotiation teams have reached an agreement finally emerges on a draft text for the EU. So anyway it is reported by the British side.

The Text, therefore, describes the conditions of the Brexit, and will guarantee both sides of a two-year transition period, until a new free trade agreement in force. At the same time, both sides have a political Declaration, which records the parameters of a future free trade agreement.

That would indeed be a breakthrough. Whether that means a regulated Brexit, has not yet been told for a long time.

First, Prime Minister Theresa May needs to convince her Cabinet from the text of the Treaty. It will be difficult. On Tuesday night, they led individual discussions with their Ministers. On Wednesday afternoon, they will discuss the Text in the entire Cabinet. Resignations are not excluded. Some of the compromises go too far, May has been received with Brussels.

Even if it should succeed, and in November, a special EU summit is to be convened, on the Europeans to accept the contract officially, – the political battle starts for May. Make it on 29. March 2019 may be a orderly Brexit, it must submit to the withdrawal of the contract in December to the Parliament for a vote. There could refuse, according to estimates by the Financial Times, about 25 conservative MP in the contract. Fifteen Labour MPs could, however, veer from the party line, and for may’s Plan votes. Even then, when the ten Northern Irish parliamentarians May support not get the contract. But that can change if the planned marketing campaign by the government and the economy can sell the deal as a breakthrough for a positive future of the UK and the EU.

If the Parliament rubber stamps the agreement, the law, procedures are introduced which implement the provisions of the outlet agreement. Only companies and public authorities can dispense with its costly contingency plans for a chaotic Brexit. Therefore, it is still a lot wrong.

“The EU to print, print, print”

On Tuesday evening, many members reacted negatively to the message, that a Treaty text. The critics came forward to speak before you could read the draft contract at all. “We will be a vassal state of the EU, have less to say than before,” grumbled the Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson to the house of Commons and announced to vote against the contract. The Brexit-hardline Jacob Rees-Mogg called for the revolt. “This is a failure of the negotiation policy, a failure to deliver a Brexit”. The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn said after the disastrous negotiations, this will be rather not a good contract for the country. The Deputy party Chairman of the Northern Ireland party, the DUP said that the EU had a say in Northern Ireland now more than the governments in London or Belfast.

But May had no other choice. Because you only have a thin majority in Parliament by 13 votes and had to respond to the demands of the Northern Irish MPs and the Brexit-hardliners. As soon as the harsh conditions presented in Brussels, increased the price the EU demanded for concessions, especially in the Form of regulations, which has to comply with the UK in the future. “The EU makes pressure, pressure, pressure”, it was said from British government circles.

The more received the British negotiating team on the EU’s demands, the more revolted the British Cabinet members and members of Parliament, where the compromise went too far. The a few days ago, resigned as transport Minister Jo Johnson said of May: “you are behind the Public. You need to tell the Public honestly, what are the disadvantages of Brexit. But you don’t dare, because you know for a fact that we are faring worse and less self-control than now”.

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