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so Far, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May refused to talk about a Plan B, in case of the negotiated-Brexit Deal in the fails to under the house. At a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday it is now still possible preparations, for the case that the United Kingdom withdraws without agreement from the European Union.

“I think it is right and important that we prepare ourselves more to the possibility of a No-Deals”, said the Minister of municipalities and housing, James Brokenshire, the radio station BBC. Even if it does not comply with the request of the government. Several Ministers had expressed at the weekend about possible consequences, should reject the Parliament the Deal.

Despite the growing time pressure, you May want to week the house of Commons in the third of January, (from the 14. January) on the Brexit agreement to the vote. The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, who had a vote before Christmas passed, and therefore announced a confidence vote in Parliament against May. Can the Opposition topple the Prime Minister through the procedure but it is more of a symbolic act.

May had actually, for the 11. December, please put your vote in the Brexit Deal at the last Moment postponed because of a significant defeat loomed. She still hopes that they can prevail with the agreement in Parliament. Attempts Mays, the EU for further concessions from, were declared in London, largely for failed. A vote of confidence last week in their own group May have won, but more than a third of the conservatives in their distrust.

On Wednesday the EU wants to present to the Commission concrete measures for the case of No-Deal. Should be in front of the Brexit on the 29. March, 2019, neither the Brexit-the agreement still needs to be adopted, a transition period is concluded, is Chaos for citizens and businesses expect. Because then, among other things, border controls and customs clearance would be necessary, and the legal Status of EU citizens in the UK and Brits in the EU would be open.


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