German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended in Chemnitz the time of your visit in the city. “My face is polarizing, I know. I didn’t want to come in the heated mood,” she said in a conversation with citizens, organized by the Free press. She wanted to get a feel for what it can do, so that Chemnitz will not be shown in a bad light.

“What troubles me, is that the feeling of security in the city is lost,” said Merkel. This is not covered necessarily by the crime statistics, but the subjective feeling have changed. “We cannot be as representative of the state, no matter.” You have to deal with issues of border crime and drug trafficking. “We have hired many additional police officers. The courts need to work faster.”

Angela Merkel campaigned to ensure that East Germans should be more self-confident. “We have done a lot, succeeded and built in Germany,” she said. The discontent in the Eastern States of Germany, she explained, with the upheavals of German unification. “That is not appreciated,” said Merkel. Many of the Younger had gone in the West. “I am pleased that the reverses now and again, that there is, again, a lot of jobs and more and more people come back.”

Merkel calls for distancing from Right-wing

Addressed at the same time, to be held at the end of the Demonstration against Merkel said that she is always willing to talk with anyone. But: “We do not have today, parts of demonstrations, since it comes to Talk. Because it comes to bring others to the Silence.” You’ve experienced in the Bundestag election campaign.

Angela Merkel called on to distance themselves in demonstrations of xenophobes and right-wing radicals. You think it is good that many of the Chemnitz felt inside and Chemnitzer from the xenophobic riots in the demonstrations in September, repelled and would have deferred, said the Chancellor.

Some of the citizens discussed with Merkel, criticised the reporting over Chemnitz as one-sided. Merkel wished that the media more Positive things to report. They asked the citizens: “get up and show your Chemnitz!” Negative should not refer the citizen to personally.

Chemnitzer mayor accuses Merkel speechlessness before

Previously, the Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD), accused Merkel during their visit in the Saxon town of a “practically since three-year-old speechlessness”. The consequences of which were particularly the subject of Integration. The debate will be much left to too often those Fears or actual problems instrumental, Ludwig said.

Angela Merkel visited the city three months after the violent death of a 35-year-old Chemnitzers, on the violent demonstrations were followed. Among other things, the right-wing populist group Pro Chemnitz had called for the rallies. Also on Friday night, the faction that wants to demonstrate.

The Chancellor visited in the afternoon, first of all, the Training of young basketball players in Chemnitz. Accompanied by a large media contingent, she spoke with players, coaches and club officials and left the Details to work with young players to explain. During the subsequent group photo was displayed on the scoreboard, the Slogan “Chemnitz, neither gray nor brown”.

in Addition, among other things, discussions with citizens are planned. Also mayor Ludwig and the Saxon Prime Minister, Michael Kretschmer, will be present.

Ludwig said they want Merkel, that you connect more with the citizens in the dialogue. “I am convinced that we must go to the people and our Actions declare, if we don’t – or even more – want to lose you.” Also, the Federal government should do this on a regular basis.

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