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the Right to read is the new center. So a common Interpretation in the CDU is this late in the Merkel-weeks. Wolfgang Schäuble, the widely accepted Party, has used its recently, as he spoke for Friedrich Merz: He wouldn’t put it past Merz is most likely to weaken the right “edge”, and the AfD-voters “in the middle” back.

Merz wants to be judged. The AfD is cut in half, that is his stated goal. That this political Formation has occurred, assess a lot of the conservative Union politicians as a historic mistake that you have is thanks to Angela Merkel: Because you have classically vacated conservative positions, whether on the right arose the Union a place in the party spectrum. Well, the Merz-Fans hope that this nightmare might soon be over. Merz should prevail on Friday, would the Christian-democratic Value structure again clean-cut to adjust – and thus more attractive again, for all the Disappointed on the edge.

But whether this bill comes up? There are Trends that can doubt.

First of all, Merkel are due to popularity values that the Thesis of their lack of integration and ability to speak. No Chancellor of the German Department since 1990, the majority of satisfied with their. Since Merkel is a Chancellor, was always the most popular and the most competent, most of the Republic’s politicians appreciated. Permanently your demo could kopisch in these one and a half decades, no one in the water. Their international head of the government, colleagues of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron or Theresa May would be grateful for such values, not to mention her predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, or the various SPD leaders. Also, the CDU will probably have to wait longer until it has a so persistently accepted leadership figure.

New voters to the CDU

Angela Merkel had so far in the middle into a highly integrative effect needs. That she was going to the edges is neglected, a conscious decision. You followed not only your personal preferences, but a sober social scientific analysis. The there was: The CDU must open up new layers of voters.

A finding that is difficult to deny: Already accepted as Merkel’s party in 2000, was outdated hopelessly. Each term die more Union voters than the party to win new voters. Add to this social change: The agricultural sector that brought the most faithful followers, has been shrinking for decades. Ties to the Church overall, and even those who today still in the Church, no longer automatically selects the CDU or CSU. Instead, there are more and more service providers, in large cities, and atheists. But start with the Union never been much.

Altmaier warned in 2009

In the whole of Europe, this process can be observed: Conservative or Christian democratic parties lost towards the end of the 20th century. Century their socio-structural conditions of Success. And thus often also the Power. Has been accelerated this loss of importance by the end of the Cold war. The anti-socialist parties of the identity of the pen was missing suddenly, the end of opponent. And so contracted in southern, Northern and Western Europe, the sister parties of CDU, and within a few years.

On all of these Trends, the choice of noted researchers, Merkel meet on a regular basis to your Strategy. “The conservative Milieu will disappear,” warned the research group elections at the beginning of the 21st century. Century. If the CDU does not open quickly and liberalise, threatening her also of the expiration. This is also Merkel’s team looked so. Peter Altmaier, one of her Confidants from the first day, said in 2009 that He had “the dictum that it was to the right of the Union is not democratically legitimate party,” always “problematic”. So you would go to “a function of the right moods”. Xenophobic anti-Europeans are already difficult to achieve. The view from abroad show: people’s parties to bring it a little if you tried to run after the populists programmatically.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.