Cheap classic cars, you don’t have the right mood for a vintage , dare but to buy one, because old cars are discussed in many of the media only as a store of Value? Fear not, you must not have successfully speculated on the stock exchange, to travel to beautiful sheet.

Clear for grandfather saved carts of Mercedes or BMW are now proud to be the sums due, and for the most of old Porsches today, the moon prices are paid. But between all the expensive jet men that are moved in the rule, they are not yet available: the Wallflowers , the exotic , which hardly anyone on the screen, and correspondingly little cost. And not only in the acquisition but also in maintenance. Cars for which spare parts supply is no Problem, and for a exhaust not a whole month’s salary factored in.

We have shared together and in a series at regular intervals.

Ford Sierra – the stuffy arsonist

Ford Sierra I RS 500 Cosworth (1987); photo: Ford

General information about the model: The rear wheel drive Sierra was launched in 1982 and entered large footsteps. It replaced the Ford Taunus, which had been in operation for 43 years in various model generations of the bands of the German Ford-Werke in Cologne, Germany. Regular customers did initially have a hard time with the Sierra (advertising slogan: “line. Logic. Performance.”). For its time, it was round in shape, and the vestigial stub of the butt with the large tailgate, disturbed, in particular, Taunus-lovers, the missing traditional sedan / saloon. Ford was undeterred and built the first-years, three – and five-door hatchback sedans and the station wagon Version of the tournament. Only in 1987, the series was supplemented by a Limousine with a classic saloon.

the extravagant line had its advantages: The Sierra not only looked dynamic, with an air resistance was the New Cologne, the drag coefficient of only 0.33 cW extremely streamlined, with an impact at high speeds, a positive impact on consumption.

And driving fast was with the Sierra. Thanks to the low kerb weight of little more than a ton of the base engines of the smaller OHC four-cylinder (60 to 90 HP) for normal claims. The two-liter units brought even more Power, the popular DOHC 120 HP but it was only in the Sierra MK2 from 1989.

in addition, sophisticated six-cylinder units available. Top model was starting in 1986, the Sierra Cosworth. The two-liter machines from the British Engine manufacturer had four-valve technology, in addition, they were equipped with a turbocharger, which increased the power up to 204 HP and a Top speed of 240 km/h made possible. Mark, among other things, fender flares, side skirts and a huge rear spoiler in the beer counters Format.

The ordinary Sierra was abandoned, however, on experiments. The Cockpit was sober drawn, the interior Seating chairs with comfortable Fabric. To the basic design, steel rims and crank Windows. Those who invested in the high-quality equipment line Ghia, received in return, a more comfortable interior, such as velour carpets, sunroof, or electric Windows. – For a surcharge-air conditioning, windscreen heating, seat heating or on-Board computer with fuel consumption display were available.

According to various Facelifts in 1993, the last Sierra of delivery from the Band, successor to the front-wheel-drive Mondeo was.

Why? Not every classic car driver wants to attract with his car causing a stir. For these people, the Ford Sierra is the perfect vehicle. The staid sedan from Cologne clung to shortly after its Premiere 30 years ago, the Image to be a fade pensioner box. This has not changed until today – especially if you drive with a copy with a notchback. Something of an Understatement, because the inner values of the middle-class sedan are by no means dull. Thanks to the low kerb weight, you can swim with virtually all engines today loose in traffic. With a two-liter OHC or DOHC sporty Driving is even possible for a race car as the “Cossie” do not need to be.


Who would like to relaxed cruising through the City, it’s best to choose a car with grandpa-automatic. Rear-wheel drive Fans prefer a Sierra with a manual switch. “So you can see everything,” says Klaus Kucharczyk. The Berlin-based moves since his 18. Years old Ford Sierra and swears by the car, because he was the last rear-wheel drive midsize car from Cologne was before the Mondeo appeared. With front-wheel drive most of the Old Ford Fans.

Kucharczyks nineties-Sierra, incidentally, is a fine “Ghia”, Extras include ABS, windshield heating, sunroof, and the very rare air conditioning, which works even today. And: The Bordeaux red car is rust free, which is also due to the meticulous Provisions of the previous owner – a pensioner from Wuppertal. “The logs off the car in the Winter,” says Kucharczyk. This is also a logout to be understood as a tip to people interested in a Sierra as a cheap Daily Driver In the Winter – or in the case of salt-prone sheets preserve and Pitting to protect.

availability: As a medium-class car, the Ford Sierra was for the majority of owners of a consumption car, and it was separated again when the first major repairs were due. Many of the specimens are oxidized also. Nevertheless, it is thanks to the large numbers – a total of 2.7 million Sierra to be built – still a relatively high number of vehicles on the market. Most of them are sedans with four cylinders, but also six-cylinder models are still available. Rarely, the folds (of the tournament), especially if you are looking for a V6 2.3 liters of displacement.

spare part supply: To the Ford dealer you don’t need to as a Sierra Fan, if you have a spare parts problem. There, it is no longer stated in the rule: NML – available. On the accessories market, you will often still find it, especially if the parts are common wear and tear. Harder it will be to share special interior components or certain sheet. In General, Cosworth cars are more expensive in maintenance, brakes, for example, costs for the sport model loose Twice.

prices for spare parts (example):

set of front brake discs: approx. 60 Euro, with Cosworth-engines of 120 Euro set of front brake pads: from 30 Euro-light machine: from 60 Euro fenders: from 60 Euro

weaknesses: rust is the biggest enemy of the Sierra. Wheel arches, sills, lower door edges, the rear panel – there is hardly any area of the body that cannot be tainted from the brown plague decimated. If it hits the front fender, repairs are complex because they are welded to the front of the car. Apart from that, the relatively simple technology is considered to be wrench friendly. Complicated electronics is hardly used, and if you are an “accountant”-a vehicle with crank Windows and little to no electric helper drives, there is little that can go wrong. The motors are considered to be robust, with the chain-driven DOHC engines have a tendency to faulty cylinder head gaskets and cracks is said. “Given the number of pieces of the built DOHC that does not fall into the weight,” says Sierra-expert Klaus Kucharczyk. The SOHC four-cylinder with a timing belt that must be replaced every 120,000 miles.

price: a Few classics are so convenient to have such as the Ford Sierra. Ready-to-drive cars, there are already a few hundred euros, some have even Rest-TÜV. Self-maintained copies of the first pensioners hand you can find with a bit of luck for 1,000 euros. Fast V6 models like the XR4i, or lovers of the pieces in “Ghia”-equipment costs, but also time, 3,000 to 5,000 euros. In a different League, the Cosworth-Sierra games, here you have to shell out for Top vehicles of 20,000 Euro or more. “Normal used Cossies there are already 10,000 euros,” says Sierra-driver Kucharczyk.

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