“Patti”, “Ditsko”, “Club” is who can laugh about such word games, a Fan of Paul Panzer. He still has more on it. “Vexetarier”, “Fruitarian”. Fortunately, Jasna Fritzi Bauer stops the joke machine. In this "Kölner Treff" the casual remarks set the tone.

His wittiness Paul Panzer

Patch language error and turned word-twisting, Paul Panzer is looking for the happiness, as a book author, of course. His philosophical insight: “happiness is difficult.” Better it is but also, as the Comedian embarks on his own field, the sense of Humor. A sample of his wit in the “Kölner Treff”. “Fruitarian waiting for the suicide potato says: ‘Come and eat me’. The crashes Aryans living on a diet of animals that have been hit by a car.“ The other guests laugh behavior. One is polite. As a tank Jasna Fritzi Bauer with “Nasja” responsive, counters: “That’s what they said in Kindergarten to me.” The actress has described the level of the Comedian pretty well. FOCUS Online

in the evening, Bettina Böttinger

a particularly clever questions the “Cologne talc”-presenter Bettina Böttinger not usually. This time, however, brings you to your guests, almost in embarrassment. “How is the feeling to hold the first self-written book in the hands of” she wants to know by Christian Berkel. The supports: “Yeah, it was great.” Heide Keller asks: “How great is their reverence was, as Wolfgang Rademann, you called?” The “dream ship”-the head hostess is surprised: “He never called me. And I didn’t know at first of who he is.“ Even in the direction it runs. In any case, Heinz Strunk gets the belly binding “Hummorist (!) with a melancholic basic structure“. How had Paul Panzer asked before? “Is the cheese real?” And Böttinger replied with Conviction: “Yes, the is real!” How true. Screenshot ARD Bettina Böttinger (right) and her guests

From T-Shirts and Rotzfahnen

In the case of Jasna Fritzi Bauer Böttinger whose black T-Shirt imprinted with “The weather” is particularly noteworthy. What you chatting just in front of the camera. The actress, in turn, may tell the story of the adversities of the profession in the form of Wind and snow machines. And a bit of Audience abuse on top of it. In the castle theatre, says Bauer, clap the audience. There you could spit “a Rotzfahne on the floor and it is applauded anyway.”

revelations about the “dream ship”

The Sensation, therefore, comes calm. 80. for 36 years, Heide Keller has given to the “dream ship”, the head hostess and her major role was to say “Welcome aboard”. It was thought. Until now. In the “Kölner Treff” is a revelation. “Dear God, Wolfgang, if you can hear me, I’ll spill now what”, sorry you are effectively in advance during the late producer of the series. And reported, Wolfgang Rademann have complained frequently about the lack of Humor in the dialogs and then you have posted this “funny”. Rademann have the output as his work. “The Directors don’t like it Yes, if an actor in the Text, messing with the hull,” says Keller. As Jasna Fritzi Bauer is the sign that you can’t appreciate the significance of this confession really poisoned the cellar in the direction of the Enfant Terrible: “You’re the first person who ‘has not seen The dream ship’.”

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