It’s not as if the Chinese technology group Huawei (pronounced Wah-wei) already problems enough: The United States has accused the company, whose Smartphones in the P series, among other things, Apple make competition, espionage. Then, in December, canadian authorities captured the chief financial officer of the company, at the Insistence of the US authorities.

a PR Disaster: On new year’s day Happy #2019 was read on the official Twitter account of the company for a short new year greeting to the Social Media Teams from Huawei (“”). Spicy note, which was displayed directly below the message was: “via Twitter for iPhone”. He was sent via a Smartphone to the big competitor Apple.

The handling of Huawei with the pas, in turn, has the potential to be the next PR Disaster for the company that in the West want to take on major contracts for the construction of the infrastructure for the new 5G networks in the West competing. Huawei launched because of the trifling matter of an internal investigation. In an internal Memo, the news Agency was able to view Reuters, rumbles Director of communications and Huawei Board member Chen Lifang, the “is between” have to “damage to the brand Huawei”.

Not the first glitch with an iPhone

according to The study, the Problem emerged because of the have apparently had for Huawei active Social Media service provider Sapient “VPN-problems” in access to Twitter, a permanently installed Computer, – stated in the internal report. The background is the fact that China blocked the access to Twitter as well as Facebook and Google. Social Media-employees need to handle a so-called “Virtual Private Network” (VPN) to the lock. Because this was not with the Computer, the employee had relied on an iPhone to send the message on time, midnight.

For two apparently competent staff, the process has drastic consequences: they have been demoted. The step is accompanied with cuts in their Income in the amount of 5000 Yuan a month, the equivalent of about 730 dollars.

It is not the first breakdown of an Apple product plays a role: In the past year, the editor-in-chief of the tightly loyal to the regime newspaper “Global Times made, for example,” for the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE strongly and used his iPhone.


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