When the ear aches in children fiercely, it’s probably an acute inflammation of the middle ear. Chronic – i.e. permanent – ear infections plague more adults. They differ significantly from the acute Form.

“In the chronic Form, the mucous membranes of the middle ear are inflamed and long-lasting,” says Andreas Gerstner, chief physician of the clinic for ear, nose and throat medicine in Brunswick. “In addition, a permanent hole in the eardrum.”

How the chronic inflammation of the middle ear can detect?

The guile of chronic otitis media: The most painful ear piercing, the features of the acute inflammation, does not occur in the rule.

“A note can be permanently Secretions running from the ear,” says Jens Peter Klußmann, Director and chair of the clinic for ear, nose and throat medicine at the University of Cologne. “Often, Hearing is getting worse.”

Why Doctors recommend a surgery?

the ENT doctor a chronic inflammation of the middle ear, is often a surgery is advisable. The hole in the drum, let the coat to close, and damaged ossicles may be reconstructed, explained the physician.

The OP is also in the case of weak symptoms make sense, “because untreated, chronic ear infections impair hearing, and the patient can be deaf,” explains Gerstner.

in Addition, would have to be careful Concerned in the everyday: “There is no water may enter the ear canal.” It could penetrate through the hole in the eardrum into the middle ear, and acute inflammation trigger. In addition, the organ of balance is irritated, which can cause severe vertigo.

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another reason for treatment: chronic ear infections the risk for a bone suppuration, the so-called cholesteatoma is on the rise. “Then, the inflammation has spread to the bone and destroyed it,” says Gerstner.

For the patient also has to discover this dangerous disease difficult to. “Note can be a smelly Ohrsekret.” A cholesteatoma must be treated surgically. “Don’t operate, can occur in the course of facial nerve paralysis, dizziness, or even blood poisoning and meningitis,” says Klußmann.

you Can prevent a chronic inflammation of the middle ear?

Because of the smoke, the mucous membranes, it is definitely wise to consume any cigarettes.

Overall, however, the following applies: “Prevention is difficult”, says Klußmann. “Some people are more prone to inflammation to the middle ear than others. You probably have a weakness of local defenses.” In addition, the anatomy of the ear plays a role. “Affected suffer from a permanent ventilation disorder.”

In the case of the pressure-equalizing can, however, train. A method called the Valsalva-maneuver, says Gerstner: “the patient to hold the nose and breathe out with mouth closed and tense the abdominal muscles as if you were blowing your nose.” This will lead to a pressure compensation in the ears and help to ventilate the Eustachian tube.

What is the use of home remedies?

home remedies like onion or cotton wool for the ears for protection from the Wind and weather are ineffective bag according to Klußmann. “Of batting, I rate. An ear infection is not from the outside but from the inside via the nasopharynx.” Cotton wool in the ear can lead to inflammation of the ear canal.

Sandra Arens, dpa/wbr

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