The AfD has changed the manners in the Bundestag following the exercise of the Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth (Green), and Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) radical. “We are experiencing the boundaries of language, an attack on democratic institutions and the attempt of reinterpretation of the story,” said Roth in a dual interview with the newspaper “Rheinische Post” (The entire conversation can be found here).

Kubicki is not contended that “a third of the AfD group, sitting mostly in the back rows, and mainly from Eastern German länder”, was “verbally aggressive”. Once it had been in the Bundestag even”, just before a brawl”, because between the cries of the AfD parliamentarians had been unbearable.

The Interview with Roth and Kubicki, however, also shows: On the proper use of the AfD, there is quite a dispute in the Bureau of the Bundestag. Thus, FDP-man Kubicki says: “The AfD radicalized in the Bundestag”. He adds, however: “but This has to do with the fact that they are treated as pariah.”

This is also problematic, because it is the wagons mentality of the AfD officials encourage. “The more people are excluded, the more likely they are to form a world of their own. It is also AfD members come into my office and want to know how I take things are true, because their reality in their social bubble (…) is a completely different. We must take care that this process is independent.”

a critique of Martin Schulz

The Green Claudia Roth, however, considers that to be a “part of the victim myth, the AfD self-maintains.” According to Roth, was already in the country, that the AfD “is, at heart, an anti-democratic, authority-fixed party, with fierce entanglements to the extreme-right spectrum”. In the Bundestag also, some employees felt that they were now uncertain: “are you afraid of,” said Roth.

However, to indulge in the history of the Bundestag members of other parties, bawdy insults. The consequences of such failures are manageable: the CDU politician Dietmar Kansy in 1983, compared to his opponent, Otto Schily (then Green) with Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, brought him a call to order. The same penalty got Joschka Fischer (Green party) for the insult “Christian piece of junk”, he had to call the CSU-politician Walter Althammer.

In the current parliamentary term, conceding, among other things, the AfD group Chairman Alice ryegrass for your statement that “burqas, the head-scarf girls and alimentierte knife men and other good-for-nothings” a call to order. The deputies are subject to the rules of procedure of the Bundestag. After that, the President of the Bundestag may impose administrative measures against the deputies, “if you violate the order or the Dignity of the Bundestag”.

FDP-man Kubicki (“My relationship to the AfD is ambiguous”), the “mutual insults” from the ranks of the AfD criticized the most opponents at the address of the right-wing. If, for example, the former SPD leader, Martin Schulz, “wishes the AfD party leader Gauland on the dung heap of history, then this corresponds approximately to the same level, as if Gauland of the former SPD-Commissioner for integration Aydan Özoguz says he wants to dispose of in Anatolia”.


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