Shortly before the international day of remembrance for the victims of national socialism, the memorial of the former concentration camp of Buchenwald, has expressed himself again to the AfD. Beginning in 2017, the KZ-Gedenkstätte Buchenwald had given to the Thuringian AfD group chief Björn Höcke a already ban, now she extends it to his whole party.

The Foundation does not believe it is commanded, “that representatives of the AfD to participate in a commemorative event to these places, as long as you are not credible to the anti-democratic, human-rights hostile and a history revisionist dissociate positions in their party,” it said in a statement. On Friday in the memorial with the Survivors and representatives of the Thuringian state government, a wreath for the victims.

The memorial referred in your statement to a speech Björn Höckes. The AfD-politician had said in Dresden, among other things, with a view on the Holocaust memorial in Berlin: “We are Germans, so our people are the only people in the world, has planted a monument of shame in the heart of his capital.”

Foundation Director volkhard Knigge wrote in a letter to the members of the AfD group in the state Parliament, Höcke hold up with today in January of 2017 opinion expressed to the culture of remembrance. The two years ago by the AfD Federal leadership against Höcke initiated party exclusion procedures had now been set.

“from your group, we have the right not to be distancing themselves from his positions known,” it said further in the Letter. Today could not be established: “Who is credible against such positions and the associated softening, and the relative addresses within the AfD at the end of history.”

In the concentration camps (concentration camp) died at Buchenwald near Weimar until the end of the Second world war, more than 56,000 people to torture, medical experiments, or famine, and disease. In special facilities for more than 8000 Soviet soldiers were shot and killed prisoners. It was one of the largest concentration camp on German soil. From 1937 to April 1945, the Nazis deported some 270,000 people from all over Europe here.


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