apartments for Single parents, leisure activities for Young and Old, in-kind donations for the needy. Social boons for those, which the state allegedly has forgotten. The buyer of an old factory owner’s Villa from the 19th century and promises. Century in the südthüringischen village of Kloster Veßra.

the Motto of this seemingly self-less help is already fixed: the “German help-German.”

33.000 euros had to be paid by the Thuringian neo-Nazi Tommy Frenck at a foreclosure sale in November for the large Share of empty buildings. It should be a new focal point for “country people”. The 3000-square-foot complex is located not far from his Inn “the Golden lion”. It is a meeting point for the right-wing scene, and at the same time, bearing for its Internet trading with all sorts of Nazi BRIC-a-brac.

The new property would have the influence of extremists, had 2017 in the Thuringian town of Themar one of the largest far-right rock concerts with around 7,000 visitors, were organised, opens up new opportunities for rich right. More events, more revenue, more influence. In short: a strengthening of its position in the Region and possibly beyond. But the Plan from the purchase of a further right of property was stopped.

Tommy Frenck

Because the auction must be repeated due to a deadline violation, decided by the district court of the sun mountain last week. “Stasi methods, which are not able to think of self-GDR head of state Erich Honecker would have been better,” writes neo-Nazi Frenck on its Homepage. Just a hundred kilometres away, the country is happy, however, interior Minister Georg Maier about this decision: “It is a small success,” said the SPD-politician in Erfurt.

From these smaller Successes can capture Maier last several. Behind it is a concept. In cooperation with public authorities and municipalities, the SPD politician to complicate the neo-Nazi life.

Admittedly, There are only small hits.

But the seats.

Georg Maier

You’ve looked away for too long and so contributed to the fact that Thuringia was next to Saxony, a Hotspot for extreme-right events. His own government had failed to take action against it. This is a surprisingly clear criticism of the interior Minister, was, after he had taken over in August 2017.

policy of pin-pricks

one and a Half years later, the number of such events is still high. That will not change because of the structures had grown so fast. But it has changed something: the state in a more accurate looking, any legal opportunity to nervous to the extreme Right or to complicate your business.

The three examples:

The broken land show purchase: As it became known, that the Frenck had bought the Villa and began the Ministry of the interior with the search for Ways to cancel the purchase. Since the property is located close to a railway track, was found a variant, finally, The Deutsche Bahn should be inserted as a plot neighbour complaint because she was not involved in the purchase. Maier dismissed the Prime Minister, Bodo Ramelow on this fact and the involved directly, spoke with the railway Board. The company appealed to the district court due to non-compliance to the notice period, complaint. The result is that the auction must be repeated.

That prevented right-rock concert : at the beginning of October 2018 in the district of Weimarer Land. The security authorities expected 4000 visitors for a two-day far-right rock concert in the city of Magdala. The interior Minister called the members of the management Board of some of the Equipment-rental companies, which obviously knew whom they abandoned their equipment. “To a company all of them are bailed out,” says Maier. For the cancellation of a dirt road, which is in the possession of the municipality, and as access to the concert site should serve made. The municipality of the use of said short-term: Under police protection, the bailiff handed the decision to the organizers. It is an economic blow to neo-Nazis was a success, said Maier.
A call to Olaf Scholz : Already two months before, managed to prevent a neo-Nazi concert with about 3000 visitors expected, in the Thuringian village of Mattstedt. Minister of the interior, Maier contacted, as he says, the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz. Because parts of the event space are in the possession of the Federal government. By preliminary arrangement of the organizers are not allowed to use some areas of the property. The concert had to take place in a smaller Form in a different place.


Maier knows that he makes this rather unconventional approach vulnerable. He is looking for the Public. More than many of its counterparts in the länder, similar problems. About Saxony Minister of the interior, Roland woeller, expressed in critical situations – such as in Chemnitz – publicly.

Thuringia Problem is, however, still remain for some time: Although the counting is not completed, but “Mobit”, the consultancy against right-wing extremism in Thüringen, assumes that the number of right-wing extremist concerts and song evenings remained in the past year about the high level of the previous years. This is also due to the 15 properties, which are located according to the “Mobit” in the hands of the extreme Right. There, you can offer almost undisturbed events.


in Addition, the question arises in the case of the prevented the purchase of real estate Who is willing and able to bid, in order to prevent Tommy Frenck again receives the award? Critics point out that municipalities could not buy any property simply, if a Right-wing interest log on. This Problem is not yet solve.

Maier calls for more support

the efforts of The interior Minister, however, appear positive: “Georg Maier is the first Minister of the interior, the tackles perceptible to the public the topic of the extreme right in Thuringia,” says Sandro Witt, Chairman of the “Mobit”-Association. Under him, it is the first time managed to prevent a neo-Nazi event, to the thousands of visitors expected in the run-up. It is but on the Hand, “that there is yet another optimization potentzal”.

The term of office of the 51-Year-old, originally from Baden-Württemberg and in August 2017, the successor of the dismissed interior Minister Holger Poppenhäger took, could end after the state election in the autumn. Whether the red-red-green Alliance continued is open. In Thuringia, the AfD’s chances of profitable a good election result.

After one and a half years in office, Maier draws a mixed conclusion. The fight against neo-Nazis had it lone to him, he says, without being more specific. He wanted to see more supporters: “For me, it is crucial to solve the Problem of right-wing extremism through a social counter-movement.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.