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Elsewhere may rest with the policy on holidays. For Labour this year, it was not safe. Shortly before Christmas, party leader Jeremy Corbyn had not done in the “Guardian” is once again clear that he is not in the sense that the Brexit could come to a halt – even if he himself would be after the next election, the Prime Minister. Instead, the government should continue to negotiate with Brussels.

A blow to many of his party friends, the outlet of the EU: a referendum to prevent. According to Corbyn must be a lot of Labour friends listening to: deep “disappointment” is the speech even of “treason.”

Corbyns Position is not new. The MIRROR, he said in early November: “We can’t stop the Brexit.” Even then, the excitement was great, finally, Labour had held at the Liverpool party conference in September, all options open – including a second Referendum. But since then, once again, a lot has happened.

Call for a second Referendum

the Prime Minister Theresa May, the vote in the British Parliament over their outlet deal said, in the face of an impending defeat. The house should now decide in the middle of January. Your chances would be any better.

The perspective of a government that fails in the Brexit-final, in the Euro-euphoric Labour wing, the Calls for a Referendum again, louder. Corbyn held up against it now: “My suggestion at the Moment is that we continue, that we try to get a customs Union with the EU, we are able to be genuine trade partners.”

Corbyn garnished his announcement with criticism of the EU. If Labour wants to support in the future government industries with state assistance, should no one talk. The Background: The Labour leader envisages subsidies and nationalisation, and projects that he sees the EU restrictions at risk.

Any common

All of this shows that The Brexit remains for Labour is a huge Problem. A common line. The largest group of members will exit from the EU for a reason. However, only a part wants to continue to fight against it. Other do not dare to make the democratic decision of 2016 out of the question. Because in many Labour strongholds, particularly many people had voted for Brexit. In addition, some people fear that a withdrawal without an agreement so that you do not want to take the risk and are ready to seal the Brexit with a Deal.

But there are other in the party, seeing the outlet, less skeptical, especially left-wing hardliners – the warehouse of Jeremy Corbyn. In particular, Alt-Left, as he connect the EU with unfettered capitalism. Corbyn had voted against the treaties of Maastricht and Lisbon, which drove European Integration forward. 2016 he came only reluctantly for the UK remaining in the EU.

A party at the top of the Pro-European movement, Labour could be under these conditions, in any case, never – and, thus, the Brexit no serious Opposition to the government.

At the recent party conference, Labour has prevented a compromise, an open rift. First of all, they wanted to derail Mays Deal, and then new elections are pushing the deal. It was agreed at the time, but also to the fact that another Referendum cannot be ruled out.

fear of vote of no confidence

trust is a part of the party now. The pressure on Corbyn grows, to provide for new elections, the necessary motion of censure against the government. Of a special party Congress, the speech is not to determine the course. The reasoning is that If Labour doesn’t cut through in the lower house, could turn the party finally Plan B – and officially for a re-referendum advertising.

Corbyn but hesitates. In mid-December, he had announced only a symbolic no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister personally. Can cause it not. Corbyn stressed, Labour will certainly leave the government to the vote – but only if May with their EU agreement has failed in the lower house. Then the chances would be better.

The crucial question remains or so open: For which policy Labour wants to fight?

Corbyn is limited to the demand for a “better Deal”. The party leadership has formulated six rather vague objectives: A strong relationship with the EU, it should be secured, for example. In addition, you call for “the exact same benefits” as under the membership in the internal market and customs Union.

Corbyns biggest Problem

The some of the is not in the party for sure long enough. Corbyns biggest Problem: Even among his own supporters many wish to remain in the EU. 2015 is a broad movement of the Left had the Labour the underdog in the office of the party leaders, many young people carried – including that many of them reject particularly the Brexit.

could go on for trailers, A part of Corbyns now at a distance from the party leader, or has done it for a long time. Clive Lewis, one of the 36 Labour members, the Corbyn 2015 for high office had to be nominated, expressed according to the “Guardian”Interview, the worry, the left party members could want to make for the Labour no campaign. The Deputy Lloyd Russell-Moyle wrote about his constituency: “If I am the Brexit support, the way in Brighton.”

According to a YouGov poll, over 70 percent of Labour voters are in favour of remaining in the EU. Sure, Brexit-studies experience in the UK with caution. Nevertheless, you should register them with the Labour.

results like this: Only slightly more than 20 percent of the voters would vote according to the survey, in the case of elections for Labour, if the party wants the Brexit just more drag. Even after that YouGov had asked. This meant dramatic losses – and only-place for Labour. Behind a party, the stop entry determined for a Brexit-the liberals.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.