The States will have this year expected to be the highest budget surplus for many years. According to a report in the Handelsblatt, based on an Overview of the Ministry of Finance. Accordingly, the Income was to September, a total of 19.6 billion euros – approximately € 6.9 billion higher than at the same date in the previous year. The countries had actually planned a deficit of 3.6 billion euros for the full year 2018.

The highest budget surplus recorded, according to the report of Bavaria, with a Plus of 3.5 billion euros, behind lower Saxony, with a Plus of 2.8 billion, Berlin, Germany, with 2.3 billion and Baden-Württemberg, with 1.8 billion euros. All of the 16 countries achieve the Handelsblatt, meanwhile, budget surpluses, even the “problem children” of Saarland and Bremen. The Saarland has achieved up to September, an increase of 165.8 million euros, Bremen, Germany is located at 430 million euros. The West German territorial States have, according to the Overview of a Surplus of 11.1 billion euros, the Eastern German länder € 4.4 billion and a city-state of 4.2 billion euros.

Decisive for the unexpectedly good budget situation of the countries of an increase in revenue by 4.7% and, in particular, the tax revenue of 5.7 per cent. Expenditures increased by only 2.3 percent. The debt of the countries was the end of September, a total of nearly 520 billion euros. Well over ten billion euros less than at the end of last year. The Federal government was at the same time this year, with debts of around 1,067 trillion euros.

In the past year had made 13 of the 16 Federal States surplus Revenue. Overall, the countries in 2017, a Surplus of 10.5 billion euros. It was also planned which was actually a deficit of 5.6 billion euros.

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