The Deutsche Bahn wants to improve with a package of measures the punctuality of their trains and the Service. The Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said after a second Meeting with the rail-to-peak. So should be reduced on particularly busy routes are bottlenecks that affect the network as a whole, through better Management, said the CSU politician. In addition, trains will be faster, maintained, and customers with better information about delays or platform changes informed.

include the package in front of all of the points are already known – for example, that the Deutsche Bahn wants to hire this year, 22,000 additional employees.

Scheuer was satisfied with the management of the state-owned group’s chief Executive Richard Lutz presented package. He had said after a first Meeting with the railway on Tuesday, for rail customers, it should be up to the summer of noticeable improvements. What is new is that the railway wants to focus more than in the past to reduce the bottlenecks at particular critical points in the network.

Andreas Scheuer after the Meeting

in Addition, according to package five per cent more ICE-trains – daily for at least 225 – ready to use. The railway also wants to double the Teams of employees who care about the punctual departure of trains.

Due to congestion on the rail network, construction sites and defects in the vehicles in 2018 in the annual average, was in every four long-distance trains of the Deutsche Bahn is too late. Scheuer dampened after the Meeting, expectations. The punctuality of trains could not be increased quickly, from 75 to 95 percent, because there are capacity constraints.

Per Bahn: The employee “must get”

The passenger Association Pro Bahn has been reticent on the new proposals of the Deutsche Bahn for more reliability is not responding. It would be useful to employ more people, “but you need to get on the labour market, teaching or training. It will take time. The are so at the earliest in six months or a year,” said the honorary Chairman of Pro Bahn, Karl-Peter Naumann, the radio station 105’5 spree radio. The fault management could improve the railway, “but that’s of little use if it is missing, then the infrastructure”.

The railway Board had submitted in December an “Agenda for a better railway,” with dozens of individual measures. However, the Federal government requires the rail of a comprehensive approach, how the company can be set up from scratch. So there are Considerations to sell the profitable foreign subsidiary, DB Arriva, in order to get money for trains and rail network in Germany.

financing at 30. January

to be addressed, The railway is deeply in debt and needs billions more, such as the modernization of your network. Up to the year 2022, the group needed almost five billion euros in addition. Alone, 2019 are missing according to the Supervisory Board, EUR 2.2 billion for immediate investments. Scheuer said: “We have the political will to invest in the infrastructure solid.”

Delayed trains, broken equipment, lack of personnel, What in the case of the Deutsche Bahn, all

The Minister goes wrong announced a further Meeting with rail-to-peak for the 30. January. Then it will go to the funding of the railway and structures of the group.


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