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in June of this year, the asylum dispute between the CDU and the CSU was heading to its climax, and it was for Horst Seehofer, once again, closely, as he sat down to a single call in on the show by Sandra maischberger and said a sentence that should sound determined. To great clarity and inner strength. If he sheath from his office, he answered the inevitable question after his resignation, with the case resolution method: say “and stop”.

Well, about a year and a half later, we know that the great tactician Seehofer between what I have said, and Gemeintem always a considerable difference. Instead of say “and stop” acts, he, according to the method “wait and defer”. His ax falls in slow motion. Even at the very end, when it all is clear.

As the closest CSU-guide on the last Sunday in the room “met with Great location” of the party headquarters to deliberate on the candidates for the European elections, Seehofer’s decision for a long time. The TIME had reported on Wednesday about his plans to retire as party chief. And even if Seehofer has rejected the message immediately, he was secretly clear that there was no way out.

interior Minister Horst Seehofer resigns as CSU-chief and remains interior Minister Horst Seehofer wants to resign before the party conference of the CSU. His office as Minister of the interior of the step is unaffected, says Seehofer. © Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

And yet he tried it on Sunday once again with his tried and true method. After the CSU grandees about two hours about the European elections were discussed, announced Seehofer, to take the “personal things” in the next week. Once again, he was shrouded in cloudy words, he once again wanted to leave it at a hint, of full sentences, to separate finally in the next week, seemingly a self-determined way out of the office.

Merkel was more consistent>

In the next hour, the speakers grew list. A dozen members of the party leadership spoke up. And, with the exception of the Augsburg district heads of John Hinterberger, the majority reaffirmed, to which there was no Alternative: A special Congress must resolve the major questions of the future of the CSU, the renewal of the party must now begin in earnest. Even Seehofer’s assistant, the CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt, of the claim.

Seehofer did not fight, however. A special Congress of the party, he will not stand in the way, he said and added later, as such a party Congress, a new Chairman of the group, be it “thinking logically necessary, that a withdrawal must be done”. It was the final confirmation that the assembled Party had been waiting for.

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