26. World Cup of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is directly in front of the door. As of today, until 1. January will be playing at the Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally), the next world champion. PDC chief Barry Hearn has made the pub sports a huge Event – with Darts are now made millions. An end to growth in sight. So it is not surprising that Hearn has made to the world Cup in 2019, again, some “improvements”.

prize money

Even in 2018 you could earn at the world Cup. 1.8 million pounds in total were distributed, alone 400,000 of it was for the winner of Rob Cross. This year the price has been increased by nearly 40 percent to 2.5 million pounds, half a Million of which goes to the champion of the world. Ten years ago, the prize money amounted to a total of 735,000 pounds, at the first world Cup in 1994, there were just over 64,000.


Instead of 72 fight this year 96 players to the Darts crown. Also, the internationalization of the PDC will continue to move forward, participants from 28 Nations are at the Start – a new record. The first world Cup of the PDC (then known as the WDC-World Darts Council) took place here in 1994 with 24 players, 17 of which were from the UK or Ireland, the other seven from the United States. With Max Hopp, Martin Schindler, Gabriel Clemens, and Robert Marijanovic four players for Germany at the Start, more than two, it was never before.

As in previous years, the first 32 of the world are set to ranking (Order of Merit), but this time only in round two of the tournament happen. In the first round, 32 players on the money list of all Non-TV tournaments (Pro Tour Order of Merit) qualified to meet, to 32 regional and international qualifiers, including Japan, Latvia, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

for the First time, two women at the Start

Among the 32 qualifiers for the first time, two women. Lisa Ashton from England and the Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova by a set of two separate qualifying events against more than 200 Opponents. The 48-year-old Ashton’s four-times world champion of the British Darts Organisation (BDO), the 34-year-old Dobromyslova won the women’s world Cup three times. Ashton and Dobromyslova are not the first women at the PDC world championship, but the first to have earned the participation. The canadian Gayl King, and Dobromyslova got 2001, respectively, in 2009, Wildcards, lost both her first Match.

this year, a victory of one of the two participants would be in for a Surprise. Because even though the Darts are physical advantages that men have no role in the level of the best women significantly lower than men’s. Nevertheless, the decision of the PDC, a signal for Darts could have a game inside. Because participation women are not entitled to all of the qualifying events for the PDC, a gender separation is there.

No Walk-on-Girls

In the Ally Pally, no scantily clad ladies, and more accompany the player on their way towards the stage. In January, the PDC decided; in the case of the Major tournaments on the Walk-on Girls. “The decision was made after consultation with the transferor’s TV partners,” said a spokesman at the time. The world number one, Michael van Gerwen, had the step as early as December 2017. “Darts is already in place for the next step”, the world ranking first in an Interview with the Dutch newspaper “AD”. “On the one hand Darts from the Entertainment lives on, on the other hand, the PDC wants to but also that more people see Darts as a proper Sport,” says van Gerwen.

First world championship to Phil Taylor’s resignation

in 1989, the great man of the Darts was not the last Time at a world Cup. The record world champion (16 titles) had resigned, after his final defeat at the world Cup in 2018 against Rob Cross (2:7). No player has dominated the Sport as the Englishman. When Phil Taylor was not the last Time at a world Cup was the defending champion Rob Cross was born, “Looking For Freedom” by David Hasselhoff is a huge hit, and in German theaters was just “darling, I’ve got the children shrunk”.

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