In connection with the data theft affair, an attack on data of politicians and Celebrities, have investigators, according to the TV station ARD, the apartment of a man in Heilbronn searches.

The 19-Year-old working in the IT field and am currently listed as a witness in the proceedings, reported the ARD policy magazine contrasts and the rbb-info radio on Monday. The young man confirmed the RAID, according to the “Kontraste”. He had been questioned “for several hours,” he said.

officials of the Federal criminal police office (BKA) had spaces according to the report, on Sunday morning, the living and the domestic waste of the man searched and technical equipment of The 19-Year-old was seized by his own admission, is in contact with the Hacker should be for the data theft responsible.

On Thursday night it was reported that a Hacker has published on a Twitter account in December of mass personal data, including phone numbers and private Chat logs. Hundreds of politicians are concerned. Also data of actors, musicians and journalists have been published (read more here).

In the Video analysis, hack attack


Now, the enlightenment – and many of the slow or chaotic. The criticism applies not only Seehofer, the Minister of the interior is politically responsible, but also the President of the Federal office for IT security (BSI), Arne Schönbohm, the authority had expressed an opinion contradictory to the case.

On Monday afternoon to advise the interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) with Schönbohm and the President of the Federal office of criminal investigation, Holger Münch, in the matter. The Public wool inform Seehofer in the coming days with all of the “solid facts and not conjecture”. Previously, there had been criticism of the handling of Schönbohm authority of BSI and in part contradictory statements to the data theft.

SPIEGEL ONLINE reported in detail on the hacker attacks against politicians and persons of public life. With Details from the Data thefts, we are, however, cautious and careful. Home addresses, telephone numbers or other information which, according to present knowledge there is no public interest in the booth, we publish.


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