After the 0:3 in the Netherlands the German national team in the Nations Cup under a lot of pressure. The next away game on Tuesday in France must be won in order for the group victory and the finals in June 2019.

don’t Succeed, we must Oranje in any case, at 19. November in Gelsenkirchen, Germany are beaten, in order to prevent the descent.

The output location before the game in France

– If Germany wins in France, all of it. The DFB-Elf would be level on points with the world champion suddenly the frontrunner and would have her sporting destiny in the Nations Cup in their final group game against the Netherlands on 19. November. Display sign-up Now and to reach the Nations League live with DAZN stream

– When Germany plays France in a draw to win the group and the final tournament in June 2019. The decision about the Class remaining but would fall only in November. A victory against the Oranje is then but a duty.

– If Germany loses in France, the DFB-Eleven, and the Class remaining in the own Hand. Even before the group final against the Netherlands, everything could be over, if orange France four days earlier. The Chance in Gelsenkirchen on the class body, here a verb, you would have against the Dutch a victory to stay in the League A.

What does this have to do with the EM-qualification for 2020?

The qualification for the tournament in 2020 with 24 Teams looks like this: There will be ten five – or six-groups. The winner and the Second of each group goes to the EM – 20 Teams.

Since there are 13 host Nations, is qualified no team automatically. Four places remain free, which are allocated through the Nations League. And Teams that have failed in the "normal" qualification.

the 16 group winners will take part happens in the Play-off in March 2020, at which. Each League their own Play-off with four Teams. The teams of each League will remain so. There will be two semi-finals and a final.

the winners of The four Play-off way to have your Ticket for sure. This means that will also qualify from the weak League D with Teams like Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino and Gibraltar in any case, a country for the European championship 2020.

Should have a group winner earlier on the "normal" way to be qualified, then the Second takes his place in the Play-offs or even the third.

If in of League A at the end of only three Play-off participants, and it is in this strong League, Yes, quite possible – then the free Play-off place goes to a Team in the League.

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