The investment firm Bridgewater Associates has managed to 2018, apparently, an outstanding Performance – although nearly all of the major markets ended the year with a Minus.

Pure Alpha, the flagship Portfolio of Bridgewater, scored, therefore, in the past year, a rate of return of 14.6 percent while its competitors, accounted for according to the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index cut losses of 6.7 percent. The British “Financial Times” and the U.S. economy, Bloomberg reports citing Insider.

Bridgewater wanted to confirm the Numbers available on request or deny. Made to his exact investment strategy, the company also has no information. However, it is known that the Pure-Alpha Fund pursues an investment approach in which as many as possible different, from each other looking for independently performing Investments.

According to the “Handelsblatt” goes back at least a part of the Pure-Alpha-winnings on bets against companies in the German benchmark index. At the end of March Bridgewater to have second-round 8.2 billion euros set on falling prices at 14 Dax-titles, including SAP , Siemens , Allianz and Deutsche Bank , reported the newspaper, citing the Federal Gazette. To Bridgewater’ve made a bet a while against Italian banks, as in the spring of 2018 in the crisis were in.


Bridgewater Associates was founded in the seventies of today’s multi-billionaire Ray Dalio. The company manages according to its own information assets, a total of 160 billion dollars, and is available worldwide in around 150 markets.

The global stock, bond and commodity markets have seen the 2018 big losses. The US stock markets, US government bond markets, the entire commodity sector, including Gold, the stock markets of the emerging economies and stock markets in Europe, including Germany, closed the year, mostly with heavy loss.


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