In a wage dispute with Deutsche Bahn, the German train drivers Union (GDL) has declared the negotiations a failure. As a justification for the GDL, the train had a set Ultimatum to “go to waste”.

The railway has been negotiating for weeks with the GDL and the railway and transport Union (EVG). Both rail unions are calling for a 7.5 percent raise and the Expansion of a 2016 agreed choice model in which Employees between wage increase and shorter working hours and more holidays to choose from.

On Wednesday, the railway submitted a new offer, which provides for, among other things, 3.2 percent more money. GDL-boss Claus Weselsky said, however, an increase in this magnitude was “at the present time is sufficient”. The GDL, a conciliation procedure is now possible. According to the 2015 procedures agreed GDL and the railway will be able to initiate the arbitration in two Ways: Either by mutual agreement or by the page starting with, which has previously declared the negotiations a failure. Until the end of the conciliation process, a strike ban is in place.

to strike With a comparable impact

The GDL threaten-Chairman Claus Weselsky threatened, however, the driver could insist on their Overtime to reduce. Then, when the impact would be with a strike similar, is not the fault of the GDL, he added. The bodies of the GDL would now advise on further steps.

Strike can currently toe only. You did that on Monday with a four-hour walkout, nationwide, large parts of the railway to a standstill.

In Eisenach were looking for GDL and train for three days after a collective compromise, the talks have now been terminated. Weselsky rejected the latest collective bargaining offer initially accepted it and then rejected it finally. As a reason he stated that the train was not ready, the one with the GDL already negotiated a collective agreement in Eisenach.

competition between the unions difficult agreement

A train was now only with a better offer, said Weselsky. The railway assured that she wanted to continue to achieve results in the current bargaining round “with the two unions”.

The competition between the two unions makes it difficult to reach agreement: The railway wants to complete with the two rival unions as in the past, contradiction-free contracts. Thus, all employees in each occupational group are treated the same, regardless of whether they belong to the GDL, the toe, or none of the trade Union.


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