The British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” has apologized in a Letter to the American First Lady, Melania Trump and give her a “substantial sum” transferred. This is due to an article that contained many false statements. “As a token of our regret we have agreed to pay Mrs Trump a considerable sum of money, as well as your legal costs to take on,” said the newspaper in a statement.The “Daily Telegraph” is one of the UK’s largest Newspapers and is considered to be traditionally conservative in their orientation.

The newspaper has apologized for a cover story called “the mystery of Melania”, which was released in January. In this it was said that trump’s career as a Model had been unsuccessful before, you’ve met Donald Trump. In addition, they contained false representations about her father and the reasons why she had dropped out of her architecture studies.

“We accept, that Mrs. Trump was a successful professional model, before she met her husband and without his support, her career was based”, writes the “Daily Telegraph” in his apology letter. In addition, it is unlikely that Melania Trump had cried in the presidential election night.

“The most bullied Person in the world”

It is not the first Time that the First Lady will win a fight for your external representation. The British tabloid “Daily Mail” paid Melania Trump 2017 compensation, because it had referred to the First Lady as a former Escort Girl. A lawyer of the newspaper was also before the High Court in London an apology: The “Daily Mail” to know that in August, during the US election campaign, allegations to the contrary were wrong and take that back.

Recently, the First Lady described himself in an Interview with the transmitter ABC News as “the most bullied Person in the world”. On demand limited, it was certainly “one of” the most victimised people in the world. “If you look at what people say about me.”


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