300 pounds of potatoes for a good purpose: A dispute between a Twitter user and the police of Dortmund has found a peaceful end. The trigger for the dispute, in the Jan Böhmermann on Twitter had mixed, was from the point of view of the police a derogatory Tweet of the Users “potato-Otto” about three weeks ago.

Anger over the disproportionate police presence around a football game in the BVB had insulted the football fan, the officials with “you are an absolutely derisory heap”.

the starting point were two demonstrations of neo-Nazis in Dorstfeld and Marten at the end of September. “I pushed that it looked at the onslaught of the extreme Right in the last week is quite different,” said “potato, Otto” the Ruhr Nachrichten.

The police then threatened with a display and initiated a formal investigation.

the actions of the police made in the case of Twitter, however, for eddy, as Jan Böhmermann hit on “potato Otto’s” side.

After some Back and Forth – so the Twitterers had received in the meantime, a formal summons to the police abandoned the police on a criminal complaint and invited instead to have coffee and a clarifying conversation.

“potato-Otto” not agreed to without a bizarre twist, In allusion to his name, he offered to donate 100 pounds of potatoes for a good purpose, and called on the police and the Bohemian man, to do the same.

they agreed on Twitter. On Tuesday, the dispute is to be settled once-and-beige, said a police spokeswoman.


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