The shock was for many of the deep, as a week ago it was announced that the “crime scene cleaner” to brush. But rescue is in sight: In the coming year, main actor Bjarne girl will be seen in the new Netflix series “Don’t Try This at Home”. Director as at the “crime scene cleaner” and “Stromberg”, among other things, Arne Feldhusen.

After the streaming provider announced the series back in October, he announced further Details: in addition to girl Maximilian Mundt, Lena Klenke, Danilo Kamperidis, Luna Schaller and Damian Hardung be in the main roles. The last was his role in the Vox series “Club of the red tapes”. Directing Feldhusen and Lars Monday. Authors Philipp Käßbohrer, Sebastian Colley and Stefan Titze.

In the six half-hour episodes, it goes to a student who founds with his best friend in his youth of the rooms of Europe’s largest Online drug trafficking. So he wants to win the love of his life back. “Breaking Bad,” greetings. When exactly the series will start in the coming year, informed Netflix.


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