The last Tuesday in January, stood for the Union under the Motto: the internal harmony prove. The new CSU leader Markus Söder in the CDU Headquarters in Berlin, and subsequently accepted together with the lady of the house Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer true Eulogy to the unity of the sister parties. In the afternoon we saw Söder in the Union group in the Bundestag, with Chancellor Angela Merkel joke, as it had been never differences with the Ex-Head of the Christian Democrats.

But it is at least as important from the point of view of the Union at the Moment, an intact relationship with the coalition partner SPD. Has supplied the Federal government some – but much of it was covered by the standing dispute. This should now be different. And this is how this Tuesday as well, then also ready to make such a heated topic as the paragraph 219a compromises.

And because the same goes for the social Democrats, who have to suffer from the perceived lack of success of the Grand coalition among the electorate, especially, seems to be the coalition to have really found a solution, such as the easing of the ban on Advertising should be regulated in the case of abortions.

At the core of the draft law provides that the competent ministries have agreed that Doctors and hospitals may in the future inform on their Websites about it, if you do not perform abortions. More than pure Information, however, is not allowed.

in Addition, the Federal chamber of physicians is to hold a Central list of Doctors, hospitals and other facilities, the crashes make – with information on methods used. The list shall monthly be and by the Federal centre for health education published on the Internet updated. Also the help phone “Pregnant woman in Distress” to get the list for the advice. At the same time, young women 22, the contraceptive pill for longer than in the past – in the future. Birthday of the health insurance paid.

That sounds unspectacular, that is the agreement in the case of a sober view. But: There is probably no clause in the criminal code, which is as controversial as the §219a (paragraph 218, with the exception of abortions, in most cases, prohibits). There are, in the truest sense of the word existential questions, to the here, for decades, fiercely wrestled to the is – is correspondingly large and the potential for conflict for the Grand coalition was at this point.

the SPD wants to come for years, the lifting of the advertising ban

the SPD’s calls for the lifting of the ban on Advertising for abortion for years – and part of the party would prefer the paragraph 218 of the same. In the coalition agreement, the issue was postponed because of resistance in the case of CDU and CSU at the Start of the government in the spring of 2018, the conflict, but only. Parts of the Union seemed willing for ideological reasons, long to no Changes.

Because of abortion, were convicted doctors, like the Giessen E. Kristina Hänel to be met increasingly money, because they are pointing to possible interventions in their practices, increased the pressure on the SPD of the three opposition parties FDP, the greens and the Left, all of which are for a deletion of the abortion ban.

in the Meantime, the social Democrats presented a bill, withdrew it with respect to the coalition partners again, instead of the SPD Board of management, presented the government with an Ultimatum: without regulation, you would give the vote. This would, in turn, probably means the end of the coalition.

And now the breakthrough, the produced, of course, on both sides Disappointed: those Who had promised as a social Democrat, and more, as well as the Union politicians who wanted to maintain the Status Quo.

But the coalition that’s why? The wanted to go to the Grand coalition so hard last year, now probably no-one – least of all among the top people of the three parties. Instead, you want to demonstrate that We can govern and make the necessary compromises to make.

bill now goes to the parliamentary procedure

of the ministries presented the so-called draft bill will now go to the parliamentary procedure, it will probably be a struggle just to Details. Neither in the group meeting of the Union of the SPD, there was on Tuesday afternoon anyway, really critical voices.

In the case of the Union reported to the participants, according to Minister of health, Jens Spahn of the negotiations with the SPD-colleagues, then a half-dozen members took the floor. Important, the stressed, according to reports by several members, was that the Doctors and hospitals informed really only about the possibility of intervention – and not more. In the case of the social Democrats, several female MPs praised the participants, according to the compromise.

Dissatisfied, however, especially representatives of the Greens and the FDP showed on Tuesday. And also the Doctor Kristina Hänel would have liked to see a complete deletion of §219a.

But it is not to be with this coalition.

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