in Front of an AfD office in the Saxon town of Döbeln, there has been on Thursday evening an Explosion. An unknown substance was gone, a police spokesman said. To the house and a neighboring building to the speakers, panels and doors were damaged. In addition, there should be damage to vehicles. In addition, the promotional material had burned, the spokesman said. No one was hurt.

The reasons for this fact are still unclear. As the head of the police of the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” said, there is the suspicion of a politically-motivated Crime.

Saxony, Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) has condemned the act on Friday morning on Twitter. For the attack there is no legitimacy, wrote Dulig. “Violence is not the means of democracy. The AfD must politically be fought and not with an explosive device.”

Dulig wrote: “This attack will help the AfD and is detrimental to the democracy.”

Until the middle of December, the office of the AfD in Borna, which is about an hour’s drive from Chub had been damaged. Unknown threw according to police, a wall cover plate against the window pane. In September, the AfD office in Chemnitz and the office of the AfD in the Bundestag Jens Maier in Dresden were the target of attacks: Both offices had been smeared with paint.


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