The health goes through the plate. Proof is with this new French study published in the medical journal américaineJAMA and relayed by The World. This work, published Monday, October 22, are the first to point out such risks in the general population with regard to cancer “, indicates the newspaper. The conclusions of the French researchers show a 25% decrease in the risk of cancer in people who regularly consume products from organic farming. Better yet, the decrease in risk is 34 % for cancers of the breast in post-menopausal women and 76% for the lymphomas (a type of blood cancer).

“To explain these results, the hypothesis of the presence of residues of synthetic pesticides more frequently and at higher doses in foods derived from conventional agriculture compared to organic food is the more likely,” says Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, a researcher at the national Institute of agronomic research (Inra) and the co-author of this work.

“The attitude of common sense is to limit their exposure to pesticides”

In detail, this study used the data of 70 000 people, followed between 2009 and 2016. The volunteers were divided into four groups classified according to their consumption of products from organic agriculture. During the seven years of follow-up, 1 340 new cases of cancer were diagnosed. The researchers then observed the distribution of diseases according to the consumption of organic food.

The authors provide a precision : an epidemiological study cannot provide definitive evidence of causality. Further work should therefore be conducted to clarify the link between cause and effect, ” they suggest. But, in the meantime, Emmanuel Ricard, a delegate to the prevention to the League against cancer, writes in the columns of the World that ” the attitude of common sense is to limit their exposure to pesticides and other synthetic substances “.

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