What do you mean, meet Hackers – are there proper hacking?

Yes, thousands.

this Is not a criminal, what do they do?

The term “Hacker” was originally occupied only positive and people said that the technology, want to understand by taking them apart. More on this is here. In a broader sense, it is about other complex things to penetrate. So you can hack companies hack media, hack, policy, and so on. The hackers at the Congress are accordingly, IT security researchers, technology enthusiasts, activists, artists, or simply curious, interested people.

well, maybe a few Criminals among them, more than 15,000 visitors, you can exclude the bad. In the past, in the framework of the Congress also to criminal actions. In 2009, for instance, has published Links to illegally obtained data from a particularly Right-wing used a single stock exchange in the Congress Wiki.

And what exactly hackers are driving at such a Congress?

The Same thing that Doctors driving to a medical Convention, only with more lights flashing: lectures, Workshops, share Knowledge, socialize, and celebrate. The Chaos Communication Congress is in a number of States an approved educational event, so you can apply for educational leave.

In the lectures, this year, among other things, biometrics, choice, computer, Facebook, and space technology. Workshops there are, for example, encryption, gamma radiation measurement, Knitting, or as many of the digits of the circle number Pi memorize. In addition, there is a two-day Bondage-and-price – captivate – Advanced. And a for beginners.

What’s all this have to do with me?

hacker conferences are a kind of early warning system for non-hackers. If there is someone to warn of unsafe Banking Apps, electronic health records or Smart home accessories, then you should listen to as a user. Those who use such vulnerabilities for criminal purposes, in fact, sooner or later, on the same ideas.

in addition, the Congress is a place for important debates about excessive government Surveillance, privacy, and Internet policy, but also science and society.

I Understand as a layman what are they talking about?

Not all of it. Some of the lectures are very special and are aimed at a specialist audience. “Kernel Tracing with eBPF” is, for example, a from this category. If you do not answer the question “Have you ever wanted to trace all syscalls or dump all IPC traffic across a Linux System?” spontaneously, Yes, this talk is not for you.

Some describe a Problem that affects many people or companies, be in the Detail but very complex. An example of this year’s lecture, “What the Fax would be?!”: Two Israeli researchers explain how an attacker into a computer system of a company can penetrate, by sending a Fax. This is theoretically relevant for many companies that want to protect themselves from something like this. The attack itself but only in a broad understand as a layman.

however, There are also so-called Foundation Talks. The introductory lectures, for example, about aerospace engineering, or genetic Manipulation using CRISPR-Cas9. In addition, not only technical, but also spiritual-scientific lectures and art demonstrations.

to Be held the lectures in English?

Some of the. The lecture “Stalking Spy Apps, Doxing,” for example. And about the 32-Bit microcontroller to ESP8266 with built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi will also contain German words. But most of the speakers present in English. Volunteers will try to translate almost everything to English.

Sounds great, I want to go. There are still tickets?

no. At least not officially. With a bit of luck, someone who sells his finds on Twitter. However, the Chaos Computer Club warns try as an organizer in front of potential fraud and advises people to buy Tickets only from people you trust.

How can I find out otherwise, what are they talking about?

live streams of many of the lectures will be on this page, and video recordings, then a little bit later here. Who does not watch it alone like In many hacker spaces, together looked, even questions to the speakers can be placed from there.

Why is the Congress, of all places, between Christmas and new year’s eve?

The first Chaos Communication Congress took place a few weeks after the spectacular BTX-Hack, with the Chaos Computer Club was famous for. (Here is the announcement from the MIRRORS of that time), at 27. and 28. December 1984. The date of the event is, therefore, justified historically. But it also has practical advantages: a Lot of companies work with a small ensemble, students and pupils have free – also, therefore, the number of visitors has continued to increase.

And why in Leipzig?

The first congresses were held in Hamburg, between 1998 to 2011 in Berlin, then in Hamburg, at the CCH Congress centre. But it is currently being renovated. The CCC had to look for an Alternative that brings more visitors. The choice fell on the Messe Leipzig exhibition centre, where the Congress is held for the second Time.

that’s where I live and my Computer is on the Fritz again. Perhaps the short …


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