The Turkish Central Bank has brought forward its annual meeting by three months and US $ 6.7 billion paid out, according to “the daily show”. The Ministry of Finance, Berat Albayrak heads, had brought forward the appointment, therefore, in January. In General, it is held only in April. Albayrak, the son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the municipal election campaign is likely to benefit the government party, the AKP, of the money, because the state receives 90 percent of the US $ 6.7 billion. Albayrak said “the daily show”, according to the 9. January, that the expected money should be used to increase the liquidity of the government and of companies.

The opposition politicians Durmus Yilmaz accuses President Erdogan, to Finance with the money pre-election gifts, the Turkish citizens in the municipal elections on may 31. March to convince. Yilmaz is the Deputy Chairman of the party IYI and was between 2006 and 2011, head of the Turkish Central Bank. Thus, citizens can pay, for example, Recently, your credit card debt, if you take a cheap loan from a state Bank.

the government and the company can use the money well said

The early payout is also an indication for the need of money of the state, use Yilmaz of the “Tagesschau”. The Turkey is just starting to recover slowly from a currency and economic crisis, the Finance Minister Albayrak with should solve.


Turkish economic policies of Erdogan and the forgotten crisis

The Turkish government wants to spend in this Phase, a lot of money: she plans to consumers the cost of electricity and Gas to partially remove and reduce the VAT on food. For socio-political projects, Erdogan wants to spend tens of billions of euros. Also, the company would benefit from a financial boost, because you already have to pay this year $ 200 billion to creditors. In addition, the government has raised the minimum wage of 260 to 325 euros.


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