Turkey wants to participate in shaping the peace process in Syria in a leading role. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote in a guest post for the “New York Times” that his country had been involved both in Geneva as well as in the Astana process and, therefore, the only stakeholders who could work at the same time with the United States and Russia together.

“We will build on these partnerships to get the job done in Syria,” wrote Erdogan. His country did not intend “with our friends and allies to work together and to coordinate our measures”.

The talks in Astana were organized by Russia, Iran and Turkey; the peace talks in Geneva were under the mediation of the United Nations.

On Tuesday, the security adviser of US President, Donald Trump, John Bolton, visited Turkey. The topic is likely to be, among other things, how the U.S. troops withdrawal from Syria, and what will be the role of the Turkey in there – for example, in the fight against the “Islamic state” (IS) and Kurdish troops in Northern Syria. The United States fought so far in Syria, together with the Kurdish YPG against the IS. Turkey considers them as terrorists. Erdogan has declared war against the militia, a priority of its foreign policy.

Pompeo is reminiscent of collusion between Erdogan and Trump

Trump had announced in December surprisingly, the round of 2000 US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted, because the IS is defeated. The decision is In the country and abroad controversial. Bolton and US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is seeking to explain in the Middle East the policy of your President (read more here).

Pompeo said on Monday the broadcaster CNBC, Erdogan says Trump, the previous US-allies in Syria – the Kurdish forces – would be protected. Bolton travel to Turkey, “to talk to the Turks about how they want to do in the face of the US withdrawal”.

More on the subject of Pompey and Bolton in the Middle East Trumps cleanup command

Erdogan wrote in the New York Times, Trump had met with the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria the right decision. However, the process must be planned carefully and with the right partners, “in order to protect the interests of the United States, the international community and the Syrian people”. Turkey is the only country with the Power to perform this task. “Turkey offers to carry this heavy load in a critical period of history. We are counting on the international community to our side.”

Erdogan proposed the creation of a stabilization force, should take in fighters from all Parts of Syrian society. “In this sense, I would like to point out that we have no quarrel with the Syrian Kurds.” The local councils in predominantly Kurdish Parts of Northern Syria should mainly consist of representatives of the Kurdish community, and at the same time, other groups should be fairly represented politically.


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