The AfD-Chairman Jörg Meuthen to lead his party in the elections to the European Parliament in may 2019. The European elections meeting of the AfD chose him in Magdeburg, with 483 of 535 votes cast on the top of the list. He was the only candidate. Meuthen, the results of the AfD, together with Alexander Gauland, since the end of 2017, a member of the European Parliament – as the only AfD members. He moved according to Beatrix von Storch, who was elected to the Bundestag.

In his application speech to handle Meuthen the Green-Chairman Robert Habeck. This stand, with its rejection of a “Europe of Nations” for a “links-red-and-green-contaminated ’68 Germany”. Friedrich Merz, the candidate for the CDU presidency, titled Meuthen as a “pseudo-conservative total failure”.

The AfD delegates will want to determine up Monday 40 candidates for the European elections. Meuthen made it clear that he would advocate leaving the EU in Germany. “We don’t compete to make the EU is broken.” The AfD will, however, change the majority in the European Parliament “firmly”. Among their Alliance partners, the Italian Northern League chief Matteo Salvini, Austrian freedom party-Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán.

the current fundraising affair, the party leaders strengthened at the Meeting, the group Chairman in the Bundestag, Alice ryegrass. “The national Executive sees no fault,” it said in a statement. All temporarily received payments had been paid by the party.

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