James Comey was annoyed, and he made no effort to hide that. “Hillary Clinton’s E-Mails, for heaven’s sake,” said the former FBI chief on Friday evening. Since he had just six hours before the judiciary Committee of the US house of representatives. Most of the time it went once again to the E-Mail affair, the former Secretary of state Clinton, played in their defeat in the presidential election in 2016 against Donald Trump an important role. He wondered, Comey, whether or not the Congress had an investigation to do this.

Actually, the interview yielded nothing New about the affair, or the role of the FBI emerged. However, it is likely to be at Comeys hearing anyway, not a priority. The Republicans have lost in the Midterms, their majority in the house of representatives, but the new composition is effective in January. The Democrats have already announced plans to exit the long-running parliamentary inquiry to the E-Mail affair. And so, the purpose of the hearing from the point of view of the Republicans, rather it, with a critical survey of the in may 2017 Trump fired Comey for the last Time points.

235 pages – and the content is hardly New

In the run-up to the former FBI chief had insisted on a public hearing, the Republicans insisted on a non-public session. The compromise: a day later, the Parliament published a transcript of the hearing – to be more precise: of the first part. Because for the 17. December is loaded Comey again before the Committee, then the hearing should be completed.

in terms of Content, little New is in the 235 pages of the first appointment. Nevertheless, values passages of note include, particularly if Comey commented on accusations that the FBI investigation and the investigation by the special investigator Robert Mueller in the Russia affair in question should be a affair for President, Trump is becoming increasingly dangerous.

analysis of AFP-Russia affair: So many lies

From the point of view Trumps it is supposedly a conspiracy of high-level officials from the FBI and the justice Department against him. As a supposed proof of, among other things, a Dossier of the former British agent Christopher Steele, of the state, in turn, indirectly, with Clinton’s election campaign team. This Dossier, so it claim to Trump and the Republicans, have served the FBI in the year 2016 as an opportunity to identify against an employee of trump’s campaign team.

Comey objected to this presentation and once again. The FBI had already become earlier, by a Meeting of another Trump employee George Papadopoulos, with Russian people in London on the possible Connections carefully. The have initiated the investigation. “Only weeks or months later, we have become the so-called Steele-Dossier carefully,” said Comey.

Originally, the FBI investigation, according to Comey in four Americans with a connection to Trump focused, and on the question of whether the intervention of Russia in the U.S.-the election campaign had to do. Donald Trump is not counted, said Comey, without the identity of the four people to disclose.

“To the relief of my wife”

The deputies confronted Comey with a further accusation on the part of Trump: The former FBI chief and his predecessor in office, special investigator, Robert Mueller, were personally exceptionally close, claiming the US President. A conservative US Website, had said Trump in September, Mueller was Comeys best friend, and Trump know, “one hundred photos on which he and Comey hug and kiss”.

faced with This was Comey in front of the judiciary Committee, that He admire Mueller – who was his predecessor as FBI chief over all the dimensions. “But I don’t have his phone number, I have never visited him at home, I know the names of his children.” In addition, he had hugged Mueller “never kissed,” said Comey, and added dryly: “To the relief of my wife.”

The former FBI chief, used the hearing not just to defence, but also for sharp criticism at the President. Based on its constant attacks on the U.S. Department of justice, and criminal investigators Comey said: “We have become deaf to the lies of the President and his attacks on the rule of law.” Comey called explicitly Trumps demand the cooperation of people such as his former attorney, Michael Cohen and his former election campaign chief, Paul Manafort with the investigators should be punished as a crime.

“This is a shocking proposal from a high official – and only legal by no less than the President,” said Comey.


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