Facebook is because of a research project under justification pressure. A media report says the company paid for users between 13 and 35 years, for you to grant iOS – and Android-Apps is a very detailed insight in your Smartphone activity. Up to $ 20 a month the get voluntarily by lit, supposedly as a counter-power.

The project raises a number of issues, from the relationship between Apple and Facebook to the responsibility of the parents of the participating Teens. A theme in the room: Up to 20 dollars per month – is that a lot or a little in return, that the App can theoretically include access to conversations in chat services, addresses of visited sites and data from location-aware applications?

packages can’t say. This is due to the fact that “up to” not a very specific indication. On the other, the value varies, the user data for web services and advertising have driving, depending on the context.

Facebook, for example, is in principle dependent on the data of its users because it wants to offer advertisers the most appropriate display places. A lot of data to get the company alone is the fact that very many people use its social network. That Facebook for additional data of certain individuals takes money, does not mean that also the data of other users would be the company $ 20 a month value.

Mark Zuckerberg, the a E-Mail from 2012 suggests, is said to have once played with the idea of, third-party companies for a fee, users view data: The speech at that time was 10 cents per user per year – but would be landed in the case of Facebook, not the users themselves.

Not everyone is interested in everything

Also for other companies, only certain data to certain people are so interesting that they would spend any money at all. For a company that sells real estate, is the record of a people (or a way for him through Ads in the network to directly address, such as via a social network), is surely valuable, if the person is planning a larger Investment, a good Credit score and the company houses in its area wants to get rid of. Can afford the human being, but never a house, it would be a waste of money to acquire his data, or targeted Ads to reach him.

there is evidence that users tend to overstate the value of their data. The artist Jennifer Lyn Morone wanted to 7000 pounds for a complete package of your data, but also normal citizens situate themselves, sometimes in similar regions. In 2015, the storage media manufacturer Western Digital carried out a survey among 5000 British: The participants should estimate how much your data is worth. The average of the results was the “Telegraph” , at 3241 pounds.

In interviews such as this make a lot of users probably have a thinking error: they assume that companies actually to you personally, and also the fact that potential buyers will all of their data is relevant. It is sufcient to companies often, to have someone as part of a offer of the company right of people to be identified. And so some of the Information that you consider to be very important – for example, that someone is expecting his first child may have-for data traders, for the man is only one of a million, a low value.

A calculator that illustrates disillusioned

Impressive can a computer, the “Financial Times” (“FT”) in 2013 to a network (and you try). The U.S.-data-based Tool gives an impression of how the value of a record changes due to certain Details. The Information that someone gets a new baby, you can drive up the value of a data set actually up – but only by around 10 cents. The Knowledge that someone has Diabetes, is at least priced at 26 cents.

most of The people are likely to kidneys the result that the Tool spits out, desillusio. In our editorial, a colleague could be proud of, that his data are, allegedly, $ 1.25 value – namely, it creates in the “FT”calculator about 6 cents. And he would not even himself, but only a data dealer.

So low, the estimated rates are, it seems at least possible that she actually pays someone – for example, if someone buys the contents of a larger database, not just a single record. The situation is different with significantly higher amounts, per user data packet, sprinkle some Start-ups in the network.

A niche phenomenon

Several founders have competed in the past few years, with the goal to give users a way to sell your information to companies via the platforms of Start-ups that make money from the sales. So far, it has managed none of the service providers from the niche – well, because it’s difficult for you to find bigger buyers for the featured data.

Datacoup in New York, for example, promised its first users, you might earn with your data of eight dollars per month. On the Website of the service now, but for quite some time, it revised its town square, “so you can earn more money”. Registrations are no longer possible.

the Bottom line is that it seems so, as Facebook were seen up to 20 euros per month not a bad Deal, purely in terms of price. And then it is a bad Deal, if it is granted to companies that already know a lot, a more detailed insight into his Smartphone. Because of its privacy, you can sell perhaps for a few euros. So easy and cheap, you will not get it back.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.