Almost everyone takes part in the road – as a motorist, pedestrian, cyclist or passenger in a Bus or train. And so, almost anyone can be involved in an accident. Most is then resolved in court, who is to blame and must pay. In such cases, a transport helps legal protection insurance.

such A policy, there is separately for the legal protection insurance. “Financial test” has tested different rates and found to be: A good insurance policy for families with a car starts at 49 euros.

130 rates of 34 legal protection insurers, has compared the magazine on the basis of five-life situations. Including rates for families and single persons with or without a vehicle, as well as for families with multiple vehicles.

This insurance companies have fared best:

ADAC Advocard Alliance Allrecht/DEURAG LVM WGV wgv sky blue

A tip from the testers: Who is often a customer of car-sharing, or often, cars are rented, it should be noted that the Tariff takes account of this.

Not in the assessment of the amount of the contributions is included. “Financial test” is evaluated only the quality, so what legal protection is included – for example, for damages, criminal law and administrative offences. Incorporated in the evaluation criteria, such as intelligibility and Clarity of insurance conditions.

the financial test also advises strongly to pay attention to the small print . In many cases, Traps:

Lawyer: When a lawyer is changed, it may be that the insurer assumes the costs for the new one.

Several cases of damage per year: In two or more cases of damage per year, many insurers have the right to terminate the contract prematurely.

wait times: If wait times are provided, the complete insurance protection.

Parking and stopping violations: Such violations insurers rarely.

cover: lawyers will get from the insurance only the statutory fees. In the case of higher fees, the Insured must pay the difference.

According to the testers, a right is worth protecting, for example, a fine to ward off, or a dispute in an accident damages with the liability insurance of the accident causer financially to see it through.

another reason for a traffic protection insurance is a Problem after the car. So far, insurance companies were used according to the Test of rarely – through the exhaust gas scandal, but that will change.


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