Bitcoin, regulation and the SEC: The US securities and exchange Commission on the 18. October the launch of the Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology. The so-called FinHub is a page of some of the internal Spots with the SEC, which should therefore be relieved.

Bitcoin, crypto currencies, Blockchain technology, and regulation are a Team that has to struggle to. Although the constant flow of new information about the regulation of Bitcoin columns in the Messages. A final agreement is not, however, continue to be in sight. A new division of the SEC is to control, therefore, in the future, something.

The tasks of the new FinHub

The Securities and Exchange Commission from stores in the future, a part of their work. The authority, which deals with regulatory issues around the topic of Bitcoin & co., get relief through the FinHub. Its tasks are:

providing a portal for industry and the Public, on the you can directly with the staff of the SEC on innovative ideas and technological developments;to discuss information about the activities and initiatives of the SEC with FinTech;With publications and events to the Public. (Including a FinTech Forum, which focuses on the Distributed Ledger and the digital Assets).As a platform and clearing house for SEC employees act, to acquire information and technology-related Knowledge within the Agency and spread.As connection authorities to other national and international regulators in relation to new technologies in the financial, regulatory and Supervisory systems.Bitcoin regulation in the future, will be happy to have a centralised are: SEC-chief Clayton

the head of the FinHub the SEC will Szczepanik, Valerie A.. In addition, the Chairman of the SEC:

“The SEC has committed to work with investors and market participants in new approaches to capital formation, market structure, and financial services, in order to improve the protection of investors and to reduce in any way. The FinHub forms a Central focus for our efforts to monitor innovations in the securities markets and to promote promising, but also a flexible and quick reaction of the Supervisory authorities require, in order to fulfill our Mission.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton.

The regulation of Bitcoin and co. thus, in the future, something centralized. More information can be found in the official press release and also on the Homepage of the FinHub.

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