German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived late at the G20 summit in Argentina, development Minister Gerd Müller stranded in Zambia – and the series of glitches during the flight readiness of the Federal Ministry of defense does not break down.

Currently, Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, firmly sitting on his trip to Africa in Ethiopia. “The government plane is broken again”, tweeted ARD-journalist Evi Seibert. And added: “the mood is good.”

Actually, the German State would have to land on the head yet again in the evening in Berlin. However, the government’s pilot “Theodor Heuss” is defective. From the office of the President, it was said that it was an “air problem” that could be resolved at the airport of Addis Ababa. The roughly 55-person Delegation accompanying Steinmeier since Sunday, remained in the Hotel.

Steinmeier was already sat in 2014 as foreign Minister because of a defect in the aircraft for hours in Ethiopia. At that time, the Airbus “Konrad Adenauer” smoke was in the government.


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