The Democrat, Andrew Gillum has given in the Governor’s races in Florida and his defeat. The 39-year-old African-American congratulated his Republican rivals, Ron DeSantis in a Video for the victory in the election.

Gillum had already given up on election night last week, this decision was again taken back, because the result was so close. The authorities ordered a machine recount of the votes. This ended on Thursday. According to the media, DeSantis led reports with a distance of approximately 33,600 votes.

The race between Gillum and DeSantis was under special observation, because the direction was considered as possibly pointing the way for the election of the Democrats in the presidential election of 2020. The party debated extensively about whether Donald Trump is more of a moderate candidate of the center or a Person with a progressive orientation would be successful or not.

Gillum is a left-wing representative of the Democrats. Trump had referred to him as a socialist. DeSantis campaigned in the election campaign, and that he was a “Pitbull-Trump-defender”. In a Video he built together with his small daughter to a wall – in reference to trump’s promise to erect such a building on the border with Mexico. The 40-Year-old, was until September a member of the house of representatives in Washington.

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