Boris Becker thinks, preferably in large dimensions (click here to read the latest SPIEGEL cover story on Becker). The former Tennis Star does not want to pick up a Masters tournament to Germany, although the German Tennis Federation (DTB) and the players ‘ Union ATP since the dispute over the demotion of the former Masters tournament in Hamburg in 2009, have the best ratio.

“It is difficult, because there are only nine Masters tournaments,” said Becker of the “Tennis magazine”. “But it has to be the goal, to bring such an Event to Germany. Internationally, I try to pick up a Masters tournament to Germany. It is the next big step. The ATP Finals in Germany would be the coronation.”

As a site for a Masters tournament would be an option as in Germany only in Hamburg. At the Rothenbaum, the future is assured after Michael Stich as a tournament Director, starting in 2019, the tournament of Peter is directed-Michael Reichel and the Austrians has become known Recently for the Hamburg site. For Becker, not a matter of course, because his one-time rival engraving, have made his Job as a tournament Director, but there are “reasons why that has not worked”.

“There was a lot of Trouble,” said Becker. “I am a single athlete, more of a team athlete. This jump didn’t manage any. I need my team, my players, my officials, so that the Whole thing works. From what I’ve heard, is going to understand, Michael, it is only in the group. That was the problem in Hamburg. He has looked very.”

stitch had lost the license for the Rothenbaum tournament in 2017, and then the DTB criticised. “I don’t think it was transparent,” said stitch to the decision to grant Reichel the license. “I have to say for me that the DTB does not want to work with me,” said the 50-Year-old. A request from the MIRROR to the Becker-criticism stitch left so far unanswered.

Michael Stich (left) and Boris Becker in 1992

Becker had made the sport of tennis in Germany, with his Wimbledon victory in 1985. Trick international career started at the beginning of the nineties, in 1991, he won in Wimbledon in the final against Becker. It is a sporting rivalry, which was led by two players off the Courts. In 1992, the Duo won at the Olympic Games in Barcelona together, in a double gold medal, this success, however, remained an exception.


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